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How To Best Spend $250 on Upgrading Your Rig

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  • How To Best Spend $250 on Upgrading Your Rig

    From Tom's Hardware.
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    Re: How To Best Spend $250 on Upgrading Your Rig

    Wow, i loved Tom's Hardware before, but this just makes hit site got to the Bookmarks area...

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      Re: How To Best Spend $250 on Upgrading Your Rig

      I always take what they tell you with a grain of salt. They're reputation used to be spotless, but lately alot of their reviews have taken to spamming you with information that's not important performance wise. (more often than not, they just spam tables of benchmarks at you)

      And, upon reading this article, it is no different. It just shows up the possible performance upgrades from his old ti4200 system to a middling radeon 9800PRO system. Which is actually NOT the upgrade I'd suggest for a middle of the road system.

      If you want my 2 cents, I've been looking at upgrading parts of my system for quite awhile and did alot of research, and I found that you could upgrade to an AMD Sempron (renamed XP Core that uses 10W less average and runs at 333FSB across the board, AMD's new value brand.) 3000+, with a retail *quality brand* 6600GT AGP card and 1GB of PC3200 RAM From Crucial/Corsair for all of $350, if the motherboard doesn't need to be replaced. That's the current "Bump" upgrade I'd suggest. You could shave a good 50-100 off that if you went with non-retail lower-quality parts. (new sempron 3000's are 110ish, 6600GT runs 150-180, RAM runs you 30-90 for a GB, depending on speed/brand etc.) Anything more expensive, and you'd want to upgrade into the PCI-e AMD 64 Mobo/CPU etc, which would run you a bit more money (and I personally would hold off on until the PCI-e 32X boards come out, and they're right around the corner as I recall)

      Now if only I could afford it =P
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