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Logitech G330 Headet - Anyone Have It?

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  • Logitech G330 Headet - Anyone Have It?

    My trusty Plantronics headset finally bit the dust and is out of warranty this time so I'm looking for a cheap but decent headset to replace it iin anticipation of Battlefield 3. Best Buy looks to have the Logitech G330 headset for $29.99 right now which comparing around appears to be a good price.

    The reviews in general say the audio is middle of the road, which is fine for me. I'm not an audiophile when it comes to sound for gaming. Give me some directional sound and a bit of low end and I'm fine. I'm probably more interested in comfort. I wear glasses so the different design of this headset intrigues me. The reviews are kinda split as far as people with glasses so I'm looking for some real life feedback.

    Anyone have this headset and care to provide some feedback?

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    Re: Logitech G330 Headet - Anyone Have It?

    Just a little follow-up. I decided to give the G330 a try and have been pretty impressed. A few weeks ago Best Buy had it on sale for $29. It's not quite the sound quality of my old Plantronics headsets but pretty dang close.

    Initially the sound level was a little too low in BC2 (only BC2, system sounds were perfectlly fine) but I tweaked the volume setting in one of the configuration files and now it's plenty loud.

    Big thing it has over my previous headsets is comfort. The behind-the-head style takes a little getting used to but I wear glasses and have found it to be more comfortable for extended gaming sessions then any other headset I've had. It's very light and you almost forget it is there after a while. I'm also bald so it's nice not having the headset impression in my head after a couple of hours of playing. :)


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      Re: Logitech G330 Headet - Anyone Have It?

      Which Plantronics headset did you have Digital? I've been yearning for a new headset myself.

      I haven't owned the G330, but have owned a previous Logitech behind-the-neck clip-on style headset like the G330. Not sure if yours has an inline volume control, but that's what eventually failed on me causing first one side to go out and eventually both to go out. I got mines for ~$20 at the time. The two look pretty close, except yours is more colorful and seem to have better cup pads (mines were plain ol' foam).
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        Re: Logitech G330 Headet - Anyone Have It?

        Used to have a Plantronics DSP-500 and loved that thing! Yeah, the G330 has an inline volume so hopefully it doesn't go anytime soon. Otherwise, I was happy with the sound in BF3 and it was very comfortable.




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