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Computer shuts off on own

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  • Computer shuts off on own

    I need some help pinpointing why (out of no where) my computer will shut off. I will play ArmA PR and out of nowhere the machine will shut off. I am not sure if my PSU is going bad, something is over heating? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,seg

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    Re: Computer shuts off on own

    Do you have an error messages when it happens? Or does it just shut completely off -- as if the power was cut from your house?

    Also, make sure you turn off the automatic restart feature -- which you can get to by right clicking "My Computer -> Advanced System Settings -> Startup and Recovery"

    Automatic restart = off
    logging = on (set to the small, minidump type)

    That way, if the computer 'is' going to give you a message, it will let you view it and make a file for it so you can review it at another date.

    Lets start from there and see what can find out.

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      Re: Computer shuts off on own

      Make sure you aren't over heating. When I started play World of Tanks I had a similar problem and I notched back the graphics a bit and everything works okay now.
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        Re: Computer shuts off on own

        I'll also go with overheating, either the CPU or the vid card. Check the fans if you don't have a utility to monitor their temps.

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          Have you changed anything on your rig recently. Any upgrades at all? What video card are you running? I was having similar crashes recently and it ended up being my ram. Computer would just crash and restart. Please post rig setup.

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