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Qurstion about hard drives.

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  • Qurstion about hard drives.

    I have a dedicated SSD drive for my OS and the upcoming BF3 title release. I am looking for a second hard drive to put all my other games on. this hard drive will be solely dedicated to games. I was wondering what everyone's opinions are for a decent hard drive for this use. My desktop is solely dedicated to gaming and gaming only. I have considered opting for another SSD but unless one comes up on shell shocker or another great deal comes up like the labor day sales I am leaning towards a SATA 3 6Gb/s drive.


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    Re: Qurstion about hard drives.

    I'd probably just get a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7,200 RPM drive and use that. Pretty straightforward, plenty of space, pretty good speed, and fairly affordable (~$120).

    Another SSD might work if you don't have a large collection or don't plan on having more than a dozen or so titles installed at a time.

    Another option is the Momentus XT hybrid drive Seagate makes. Offers some of the loading time benefits of SSDs (through the use of NAND flash memory in cache) and the space you'd expect from a platter hard drive. Unfortunately, these things come in sizes up to 500 GB only and costs >$100. So while not as cheap as traditional hard drives, they're not as overly expensive as SSDs are.
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      Re: Qurstion about hard drives.

      promo code brings it to $50
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