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Help anyone......last hopes for help.

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  • Help anyone......last hopes for help.

    I have a problem with all of my gaming, especially CS: source. All of the people i have asked simply don't understand why i am having this problem. When i am playing my computer seizes, just freezes and i can't do anything, i have to reoboot. Sometimes it will freeze it for 15 seconds and then return to normal (this happens for all of my games). The funny thing is that with what i have for a computer, this shouldnt be happening.
    (I know it sint the videocard, because it was freezing with my 128mb 6800 as well as this new 6800 ultra)
    Windows XP Home
    1 Gig Kingston Ram
    Gigabyte K8NS Ultra 939 socket mobo - Running 2009 MHz
    AMD 3200+ 939 socket
    Nvidia 6800 ultra videocard (eVGA maker)
    600watt PSU
    8 Fans inside compuer and running
    Heat sink on CPU is a 50 dollar Coolermaster heatsink w/ Fan running 3214Rpm
    Two 40 gig hard drives
    Audio = Creative (Live!) soundcard (not onboard audio)
    CD drive doesnt really matter, but its a memorex 52x CDRW/DVD
    All Temp readings are normal, nothing is overclocked.

    If anyone knows, enlighten me......

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    Re: Help anyone......last hopes for help.

    Look for symptoms when this happens. Is the hard drive light working while it freezes? Do you hear the system do anything strange like fans start slowing down or speeding up?

    What version of windows and service pack? Have you tried closing all the background tasks with Task manager? Start with basic troubleshooting of the OS.

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      Re: Help anyone......last hopes for help.

      I havn't checked if the harddrive light is working while it freezes. No fans slow down or speed up during the problems..because usually my system just freees for about 20 seconds right as i get into a server to start playing. And then everything goes back to normal. Last night was the first time when i got into a server, was playing for a while and it freezed until i had to reboot. I have service pack two, but that is soon to change, because my friend is putting on x64 Pro on this computer after a reformat.


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        Re: Help anyone......last hopes for help.

        Is this only source?

        I have a gut feeling it may be ther ram.


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          Re: Help anyone......last hopes for help.

          Your not the first person who has told me this....Thats why im going to reformat. The thing is, alot of people have 512 RAM and get great performace...i dont get it!


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            Re: Help anyone......last hopes for help.

            And no, it isnt just source. The comp freezes for 20 seconds on games with simple graphics such as CS 1.6, command and conquer and others. Thats why i dont think it is the RAM.


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              Re: Help anyone......last hopes for help.

              Have you run memtest? Try that.

              Also try boosting the voltage to your memory chips. Try +.1 first.

              Try unplugging and then replugging your cards.

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                Re: Help anyone......last hopes for help.

                Thankyou for your concern everyone, but i figured out what the problem was. Recently Newegg posted that the K8NS 939 socket motherboard wasnt compatable with the 6800 series, and that it causes 10 -15 computer seizes in gaming. im getting a ATI x800

                Thanks all, ill continue posting here, quite a cool place!




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