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Inexpensive lightweight 2-monitor video card

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  • Inexpensive lightweight 2-monitor video card

    My coworker who does electronic CAD (schematics, circuit board layout) is having video issues. Three times this month the main monitor (a tube display running at 2048 x 1536) goes blank and then into power save (like it's lost signal). The flat screen running at 1074 x 768 is frozen and the keyboard is unresponsive. He has to power-cycle to recover. We're guessing a hardware problem, although I suppose it could be a driver issue. But a driver issue would normally blue-screen, not totally freeze. He's checking to see if it's PCI or PCIe.

    Can you recommend a cheap replacement card that can do dual-monitor and provide 2048 x 1536 on one? It need not be real capable for 3D (eg. games) as this is e-CAD, not architectural CAD. It's all 2D work, and any 3D visualization need not be super-accurate. (Hence an nVidia Quadro wouldn't be needed, as we'd get for the mechanical design guys using SolidWorks.) I figure something under $100 would do the job these days, but I don't know if the dual-monitor feature can be had at that price point.

    OS is XP Pro 32-bit.
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