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Ethernet Card Issue. Any help would be nice.

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  • Ethernet Card Issue. Any help would be nice.

    Okay so I just got back from China (beautiful country, go check it out if you ever get the chance) only to find that my ethernet card for my PC has started to act up.

    I dont know if you've ever looked at the ethernet port on the back of your PC but when you put it in you usually get a green light and a blinking green light. My ethernet port now has a red light and a flashing yellow light. Basically what I've found out thus far is that it means I'm only transfering data at 10mpbs instead of 100mbps and since its flashing the connection is not constant but rather being fired in bursts. This can be absolutely lethal to any sort of gameplay in a highspeed game like Battlefield 2.

    What I have been unable thus far to figure out is why this computer of all the ones that are connected to my router has decided to act up. I've checked all the other computers and their ethernet ports read all green, I've even switched the RJ-45 Ethernet cables just to be sure that the problem isnt in the router. I'm absolutely clueless at the moment on what I should be looking for. What I can tell you, though it may be irrelevant, is that mozilla works perfectly fine right now while internet explorer completely fails to execute any pages at all. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Ethernet Card Issue. Any help would be nice.

    How did you come to know that that indicator means your card is connecting to the network at only 10mbs. Also your average broadband connection is only 1-3mbs anyways, so if what you described is the problem then you would'nt likely even notice until you did something like move files across the network anyways.


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      Re: Ethernet Card Issue. Any help would be nice.

      The heirarchy if ethernet troubleshooting:
      Change the port on the router you're connected to to a known working port.
      Check the cable for issues (connect known working PC to known working port with said cable)
      If neither of these solves the problem, it's almost certainly your ethernet card. Go buy a new one for $10 and call it good :)
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        Re: Ethernet Card Issue. Any help would be nice.

        1. Try a different RJ-45 port on your router.
        2. Replace the NIC.

        10 to 1: bad NIC.




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