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what Video Card to get..?

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  • what Video Card to get..?

    well..i just had to build a whole new box just to play freakin BF2...

    my 2600+ with 512 pc2700 on win98SE just couldn't hack it...

    but all i could get was a crappy BFG 5700 128meg was free..and i been scouring the i-net for a couple weeks trying to figure out the best "bang for the buck" vid card..

    this is what i have come up with..since i am poor...

    a 6800LE 128 meg card..

    it seems that yo can flash the bios to make it a regular 6800, and with the rivatune software, another 4-8 pipelines can be opened, as well as a few more pixel vertex thingy's..whatever the hell they are..and that performance "can" be as good as a 6800GT card...

    all for $ tell me that ain't a smokin' ass deal..! if i was rich..i would just get all new pci x-press dual SLI cards and stuff..but i am poor and can do this $135...

    what you guys think..?


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    Re: what Video Card to get..?

    forgot to put in the specs for the new box..

    p4 478 3.0ghz HT
    XP Pro SP2
    1 Gig pc4000
    dual SATA drives (raid)
    and of course the aforementioned BFG 5700 card..

    this certainly whips the ass of that crapper i did have...especially since it would not play bf2 at all..:(

    it is just setting gathering dust...maybe i should take this chance to learn linux of some sort and use that box for that..?


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      Re: what Video Card to get..?

      The CPU does not seem to be that big an upgrade.. If you're spending that money, why not go higher with that?

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        Re: what Video Card to get..?

        already going...i got the cpu/motherboard from a buddy that upgraded to big tim i got his "left overs"..!

        free is free..!!

        and a lot better than what i' sho..!


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          Re: what Video Card to get..?

          i of course wanted to buy Dual SLI AMD 64 Board and chip..but no gotty funds..:(

          this processor i got from my buddy was only in use 2 weeks..and the motherboard was NIB....only things i bought were memory..and i had to buy a LOT bigger power supply..!

          the other made burning smell when i turned it on the first time...!:(


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            Re: what Video Card to get..?

            the 6800 would be a better bet really... will have better ram on it for overclocking. That card might be workable upto GT levels.

            If not then theres the X800XL. However im not sure on costs in the USA

            Raid0 for speed? be very carefull. I transferd my pc to a new case, and one of the plugs fell out.

            BYE BYE 70gig of data.

            Will never use raid0 again. Sure, its fast, but its no where near fast enough to be worth the risk.
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              Re: what Video Card to get..?

              i will watch it Overlag...

              and thanks!


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                Re: what Video Card to get..?

                i went ahead and sold some airplane crap and got this 6800LE card...been reading all the OC'ers tweaks and stuff, and this card should be very near the performance of a 6800GT out of the box...which is HELLUVA lot more performance than i have now..!

                my playing now is with effects that are not even as good as counterstrike was when it was new! so i am looking forward to seing my guts and brains being blown out/splattered in full on high settings..! I am pretty excited...that is sad isn't it..:) hahahahaha




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