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Audigy 2 or Razer Barracuda?

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  • Audigy 2 or Razer Barracuda?

    I have lying around an older Audigy 2 card and a razer barracuda. My new mobo (Gigabyte Z68x-ud3h-b3) also has on-board sound.

    Should I install an audio card on this Windows 7 system or stay with the onboard sound?

    What sounds better?

    What taxes the CPU less?

    What works best with 64-bit Windows 7?


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    Re: Audigy 2 or Razer Barracuda?

    Obviously a dedicated sound card is "better" for CPU load, though onboard sound doesn't put much of any load on modern CPUs (a few percent at most). As to which sounds better, use your ears to judge for yourself. From experience with my old Audigy 1, my onboard sound actually sounds better which is a testament to how improved onboard sound has since years ago.

    As to which works best with 64-bit Windows, either should work fine, though you might have more trouble with Creative's drivers for legacy products than you would with the drivers (on your mobo CD) for the onboard sound.

    Unless you have good speakers or a good pair of headphones, you might not notice the improvements the Barracuda might bring to your PC. (Here I'm assuming you are playing high-bitrate MP3s, CDs, or some other well mastered, well recorded lossless audio track.)
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      Re: Audigy 2 or Razer Barracuda?

      I gave up the soundcard on my last build. I had an Audigy 2 and loved it for a long time but this time around I felt I had some horsepower to spare. I'm running an I7 960 on top tier ASUS motherboard. Frankly I like the software for the onboard sound way better than I ever liked the Creative stuff. And the sound is awesome. I run with standard headphones but a good pair from razor, not the cheapies I used to have. I don't think I'll ever go back to another soundcard in the future.
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        Re: Audigy 2 or Razer Barracuda?

        I would try what you have now and see how they compare. I you do start looking into a sound card I'd go with an ASUS or an Auzentech. As Acreo hinted at, some times investing in better headphones (and sources) can give you a larger increase in sound quality than a new sound card. Also, without decent headphones you may not notice an improvement by installing a new sound card.




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