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Running Autodesk Inventor R11 on Windows 7

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  • Running Autodesk Inventor R11 on Windows 7

    I have just got a new laptop with windows 7 and am trying to run Autodesk Inventor R11. I can run it in the XP mode but it does not work very good, is there any way to run it on Windows 7?

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    Re: Running Autodesk Inventor R11 on Windows 7

    Have you tried running R11 with XP mode compatibility?
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      Re: Running Autodesk Inventor R11 on Windows 7

      You have r11? Not sure it has native x64 support, you are supposed to pay up and upgrade to Autodesk Inventor 2010 or Inventor 2011 I think.

      Your choice would be to install a 32bit OS, then download a Ramdisk program and put unaddressed RAM (over the 32bit OS's 4G limit) into a RamDisk and use that as the swap file.
      A slimmed WinXP Pro x32 SP3 install is probably best.

      IV 11 is old enough that there is probably no longer upgrade pricing available.

      Edit: For about US$20 you can buy Dataram Ramdisk, it's the Ramdisk software I use. Of course, there are many good ramdisk software programs out there, a free one is Gavotte's Ramdisk , still being developed for 32bit OS by Chinese programmers.
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