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  • GT 520 or GTS 250

    I am having much difficulty deciphering the information I have gathered online and I supposing someone has a real life answer.

    I previously had an EVGA GTS 250 in my desktop, along with an i5 dual-core w/ HyperThreaded Tech 3.20ghz and 4g DDr3 1600 Ram. Surprisingly BF3 ran super smooth.

    I changed out only the video card to PNY GT 520 and despite appearing more powerful, it seems to run much more poorer than the GTS 250.

    Is the GT 520 just all round not designed for gaming or am I just not getting the power I should be at it, and if so tweaks?

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    Re: GT 520 or GTS 250

    Anyways, despite being a pain, I benched them both.

    GTS 250 is getting me 50 frames solid in heavy combat in BF3

    GT 520 is running about 30 frames on average, barely functioning in combat. Actually my dual HD 3870's performed about on the same level, with added graphical errors.

    I suppose the GT 520 is just not really designed for gaming. 39.99$ still a pretty good deal for general use, but that old GTS 250 wins the day at what 59.9$

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      Re: GT 520 or GTS 250

      The GT520 was designed for HD videos in HTPCs. It's a low-end card. If you wanted a low-end cheap card for gaming, the GT430 is a far better choice. Of the three cards, the GTS250 would be the best choice. Honestly, the GT520 is overpriced, imo. The GT430 is much more worth it (performs on in between a 8800GS and a 8800GT for even cheaper than either).
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        Re: GT 520 or GTS 250

        Thanks for the information Acreo. My sister's husband will be able to use the GT520 since he utilizes a lot of media and not so much modern games. At least it hasn't gone to waste I reckon. I am going to stick with my GTS 250 and just upgrade my CPU to i7.

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          Re: GT 520 or GTS 250

          The way most of NVidia's cards have worked since the removal of the geforce 4 has been very easy to predict, power-wise.

          the x2-x4s are economy cards. They're the lowest of the low performance while still retaining the hardware and formfactor of the generation they're from. These are your office-style videocards.

          The x5-6's are your mid-range. Not great for gaming, but at a significantly lower price.

          x8's are the high performance cards, and x9's/ultras/etc are the enthusiast cards.

          So yes, I have seen people stupidly upgrading from a geforce 6800 to a 9200 and wondering why they're getting half the performance.

          While the newer cards have compressed numbers some (the x60 series is the gaming card, while higher is a bit better/going to enthusiast level (80/90) it almost always holds up. <Generation><performance level>

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