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    So some nice guy stole my 3GS, and I am now forced to get a new phone. I wasn't up for an upgrade, and can't afford one straight up, but someone on my plan is generously letting me use theirs. I'm stuck with AT&T, but I've got a 90 dollar credit to take some of the hurt away. Now I've looked at the Skyrocket and the Note, and am leaning towards the former (damn the note is big). I would super prefer the nexus, but I don't see any reasonable way of that happening without switching to Verizon which is not happening. I'd also love an HD screen, but would I be right in expecting both the skyrocket HD and the upcoming HTC thingamajigger to be more than 300 on contract?

    My impression is that really means I am getting the Skyrocket, which leaves me with a few questions that I really hope you guys can help me with:
    Any idea when it might be getting ICS?
    How bad is Touchwiz really?
    Is/will Google wallet become available at some point?
    I know AT&T wants me to pay for both tethering and turn by turn, I don't want to do either so how do I go about that?

    It may be clear, but I'm dead set on android, and have never used it beyond playing around in the store over the last few days. So any advice any of you all have would be awesome.

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    Re: New Phone Help

    If you're talking about the newly announced HTC One, who knows right now. Expected unlocked price is $600-$800 for the new flagship HTC phone.

    As for when the Samsung SII Skyrocket will get a ICS update, it should be soon. I'm basing this off of the numerous ICS updates being rolled out across multiple carriers right now.
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      Re: New Phone Help

      turn by turn is part of android. google navigation is pretty accurate, and completely free.
      tethering can be had with either pdanet (for a one time fee of 18 bucks) or - if you are adventurous even a little - turn your droid into a 4g hotspot for free. You will need to root the phone, but there are so many tutorials out there. Just read everything you can find before you act. and make sure you have downloaded and installed everything before you start.

      as for ICS, the skyrocket is due any day. it is one of the flagships (the galaxy nexus and iphone being the others) so it should get the update quickly. ATT does offer a nexus, which is pure google, has an hd screen, and already has a functioning google wallet app installed on ICS 4.0.2. But yes, even with contract, it's 299.00.

      I am speaking as a Verizon fanboy, so I do not know about all the phones on ATT, but I would see if you could get a nexus first. or at least get a stock honeycomb rom for the skyrocket until ICS is out for it.. then install vanilla ICS. touchwiz is terrible. My wife has the fascinate and the interface is abysmal. If I could talk her into letting me root the stupid thing, she would have vanilla honeycomb tonight.
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        Re: New Phone Help

        Ah, sorry your phone was stolen. Yeah, the Note is too much of a tablet hybrid. It'd look pretty weird up to your ear, besides fitting in a pocket. The Galaxy S II (that's the Skyrocket, right?) looks like it'd be a good phone. I have no idea how bad TouchWiz is. I've had a Droid X with "Motoblur". It wasn't terrible. But I gather that Samsung's UI is a bit worse. The general sentiment is that vanilla Android is better than any manufacturer's UI overlay. I have the Galaxy Nexus now, and I love it.

        It does look like you MAY get a more stock UI choice in ICS. I would also guess that it won't take more than two months or so for the Skyrocket to get it. Otherwise, it doesn't take long on flagship devices to get set up for stock custom ROMs. I've never done it, but if you're fairly comfortable with following specific directions, taking slight risks with your technology, and command line type interfaces, you can do it.

        And like Dog said, Android has built in free voice guided turn by turn navigation. It uses data, but not a whole lot and it does cache your directions and some detours in case you lose data connection. There are other options that download maps to your phone and don't use data, but I've never had a problem with the stock navigation.

        As far as Google Wallet, I had to do a workaround to get it. Does the GSII have NFC? I think AT&T is more friendly with Google Wallet, but if not, there will probably be a workaround or sideload for it.

        Tethering can also be achieved for free, but some ways of doing it require root. Don't pay extra for it-- you're already paying for your data.

        If you really wanted the Galaxy Nexus, the GSM model works, but you'd have to buy it at the really expensive retail price, which is too much on any smartphone.




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