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ARMA 2 launch + install bug

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  • ARMA 2 launch + install bug

    i got a big problem here,
    i bought ARMA 2 legaly and installed it on other pc's before.
    the problem i have is that if i install arma 2 it freezes at the last few seconds of intallation at ''uninstall''. when i try to launch arma 2 afterwards it says i havent filled in the correct activationcode to continue.
    and because of the install bug im unable to uninstall the game. i think the file ''uninstall'' was damaged on the disc, but that doesnt explain why it says that i have an wrong code when its clearly on the back of my manuell.
    also, my missions folder is completely empty except for a ''readme'' file wich says ''singleplayermissions'', isn't there supposed to be harvest red?
    im really confused and frustrated.
    all help is welcome.

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    Re: ARMA 2 launch + install bug

    missions folder thing is normal so dont worry about that.

    I think you may be correct about having a bad install disc. You could contact BIS and see if they can replace the disc, I have had luck in the past with contacting the game distributors and explaining the CD is corrupted and they will ask you to send in the old CD and then they will send you a new one, minus shipping and handling both ways

    not sure if BIS does this but worth a shot. If not I have the ArmA2 CD laying around somewhere If I can find it Ill shoot it out to you since I have the Steam version of ArmA2 and OA

    to be honest though if you want to play on either Alpha or Bravo you need CO so you will need to have OA, and you can use ArmA2 free to run CO

    so if you want to play SP only, contact BIS

    if you want to play MP with TG you will need to buy OA, and you don't need a paid version of ArmA2.

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      Re: ARMA 2 launch + install bug

      I had trouble like this with my very first attemps at an install. I just kept trying and it eventually went through. Just make sure you have the space, and all the normal things you need for PC installs. If you still can't get it I would say hit up Charles and either get his spare CD so you get a clean disk or contact BIS.

      Even if they dont give you a new CD, if you can show proof of purchase they might credit you a download of the game from their online source. Its worth a shot.


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