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Review: Corel Painter 9

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  • Review: Corel Painter 9

    This program is absolutely amazing. I fell in love instantly after using it. The program can imitate real mediums extremely well and with my wacom, I almost asked it to marry me that instant. The best comparison I can give is the flight in BF2 vs Falcon is the same as Photoshop vs Painter 9. There are so many controls and so many uses.

    I can imitate multiple mediums such as Charcoal, oils(my favorite), pastels, pencils, and alot more. (I'm still figuring it all out). But each is usable and there are multiple settings for each type.
    For example oils have thick bristle, thin, smeary (dry), feathering, glazy etc.

    It also uses the intous technology to a more realistic approach. When I tilt the tablet pen it even changes the bristles on the screen as they would realisticly and the strokes become a bit more spread out. If I lesson the pressure the stroke becomes a bit lighter. And multiple other things are useful within this. The variables are endless (orientation, pressure, velocity) It gives me more control and I feel a bit more realism using this than with photoshop.

    Also with the new versions gives the availability to load photoshop files into corel painter 9 and use layers and the sort.

    I recommend this program to any digital painters out there.

    You'll see some good stuff coming out of me, (after the summer is over ironically)
    [age-c1] [gchq-c1] [air2] [tog-c1][tpf-c1]



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