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    Ive got a DVD burner now, and Nero. But i dont know how to put something like .avi or dvix to dvd so that a normal DVD player can read it.

    What other software, or what settings do i use on Nero to put different file extions on DVD so that normal DVD players can play the movies/family movies?

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    Re: .extention to DVD

    nero cant make a DVD from other formats.... it can only burn the DVD if it is already in .vob and .ifo format.

    something like adobe premiere, roxio EZCDDVD creator 6, ulead videostudio, or something like that would make a dvd from other sources of video. I have done some extensive research on video conversion and dvd creation, ripping, and editing..... I have yet to find the perfect all-in-one.

    dvdshrink or dvddecryptor to rip
    Womble mpeg video wizard to edit native mpeg2 (no conversion or rendering)
    auto gordian knot to convert to xvid or divx .avi
    windows media encoder to convert to .wmv
    mindows movie maker, premiere, ulead, or ezdvd 6 to edit timelines or incorporate transitions audio, or titles

    I have over 4 gigs of video apps installed on this machine.... and premiere, womble, ezdvd 6 (though it came with this particular computer) total up to 850.00 (650 just for premiere pro 1.5). the rest (along with a few others I did not mention like dvdx, vobsub, tmpeg...can cost money - or VLC media player) are free
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