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Wondering about parts for a new computer

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    Re: Wondering about parts for a new computer

    Originally posted by =DdogG= View Post
    why not get a 750 Hybrid ssd/hdd? or drop to a 60gb ssd? you can happily fit win 7 and several games in 60gb, and use the HDD for cache, swap, temp, and hibernate files.

    Also, your ram is overkill... get ddr3 1333 and save some $$$ the difference is 1/2 fps at best, and most of the time less than 1fps.

    a case is a case in the end. you can get a 30 dollar case and be ok with it once it's put together. save some money there too.
    If you've played ArmA 2, then you'd know 60GB doesn't make it far with all the mods that are out there. If I know what he's after, it's for the OS. And with SSDs, you really don't want to take their storage over 85%, cause it'll cause them to slow down because they have minimal room to shift files around to balance the read/write wear. I have Win7 installed on a 60GB and it takes nearly 55GB of space along with all the drivers and essentials to run properly, just over the 85% capacity. I just purchased a 120GB SSD to put my OS on and I'll be getting another to put my graphic intense games on (ArmA 2, DCS Black Shark).

    Also, the RAM is not overkill. That's about the optimum he'll need for games like ArmA 2 and BF3.

    And a case isn't a case. Are you trying to tell us that this Gigabyte case
    is the same as this Cooler Master case (the one I have)?

    Cause if I would've followed that when I purchased my case, not only would my motherboard be dead (like it is now due to BIOS issues), but I think I'd be having a lot more issues (like with my 7970 which runs around 70 degrees C at full load with ArmA 2 even with the copious amounts of airflow I have with all 3 fans-1 removed for my H100 CPU cooler).

    Chris, do you have any old parts you could salvage? Such as HDDs or ODDs? You could scrounge a few bucks that way.
    I too also suggest getting the i5 2500K. Great chip from what I've read. I just ditched my AMD FX-8150 for it.
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      Re: Wondering about parts for a new computer

      Yea I agree with Mange. Getting a 60GB ssd at this point would be a mistake. You'd run out of room very quickly and you would probably start regretting that decision. I consider 120GB to be bare minimum for an SSD purchase at this point.
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        Re: Wondering about parts for a new computer

        Talked with chris while playing PR earlier and he made the purchase on parts. He got the i5 2400, a better motherboard and a bigger PSU. Everything else stayed the same. Chris, have a hell of a lot of fun with your new rig. I'll see you on the battlefield.


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          Re: Wondering about parts for a new computer

          I ran win 7 with Adobe CS5 master collection, Office 2007, Corel Graphics suite x4, VMWare 7, and a host of other large programs, and it sit very nicely at 38gb for more than a year. the secret is - like I said originally - make sure all your temp, cache, swap, and hibernate files are on another drive... that way the drive size never creeps up into ridiculous numbers.

          According to every comparison I read when building my current rig, the price difference between 1600 and 1333 does not justify the .5 to 1.2% frame rate increase. please let me know where I can read up the basis for your position.

          as for the case... of course the cheapest piece of crap you can find will not compare to a $180.00 case... what I am trying to say is that you can get a decent case with less frills and save upwards of a hundred dollars. My corsair is an amazing case, but I could have gotten a case that would have done the job just as well for half the cost by giving up features.

          I will say that a 40.00 case CAN have the same airflow and layout as a 200.00 case - but be made of less quality materials. The wobbly side door is only an issue when you are messing with it. Once the thing is together... the ONLY things that matter are temps and features. The end result once put together would be a computer that still runs computer games at the same temps... just not as flashy a ride. I have owned 30.00 cases and I have never had a computer crap out for temps...
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            Originally posted by VoodooIT View Post
            My main suggestion would be to swap the dual core Core i3 2120 for a quad core processor like the Core i5 2500k or 2400. You'll have to allocate another $80 - $100 towards the CPU, but it's definitely worth it for getting better performance and future proofing your computer.
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