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Did I fry my video card?

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  • Did I fry my video card?

    I have a Nvidia GTX 570. Last week I was playing AA2 and I had much distance to travel. Long story short, I time compressed and in the middle of the game my PC locked up and crashed. It has not been the same since.

    Basically, what happens now is, when I start windows, at the windows screen the monitor fills up with pretty blue and/or red squares. Then the PC crashes, the monitor goes into "power save" mode and the computer reboots and asks if I want to run in "safe" mode. Which I did and I uninstalled the card so now I run in VGA.

    I don't mind buying a new card. Any ideas/help is appreciated!


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    Re: Did I fry my video card?

    Do you have a different/older graphics card you can put in place of your 570? I ask because it could also be a mother board issue.

    I had a similar issue once, where the monitor would do wonky things then the whole computer reset. After several hours of swapping out parts and tinkering..turns out my mother board was a piece (it was brand new too) so I had to buy a new one.

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      Or of you have onboard graphics try booting with that as your video and see if it works ok.
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        Re: Did I fry my video card?

        I have the same card you do and when i first bought it I had lots of problems with crashing and BSOD aswell as some graphical glitches.
        What I did was to update the GPU's BIOS and that fixed all of my problems. I am not sure that this is the issue here but I recall reading that the BIOS delivered on the GPU is 1.0.
        Flashing the BIOS is a peace of cake but you need to go to the manufacturer's site and get the appropriate update which can be hard to find, mine is EVGA.

        Other than that Ven and Gijoe give some good advice to follow.
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