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Disturbing graphic issue - need help!

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  • Disturbing graphic issue - need help!

    I have a disturbing graphic issue with a number of newest games on the market. In a variety of games - such as Battlefield 2, Guild Wars, F.E.A.R. and Evil Genius - the screen is constantly filled with vertical, jittering beams that disturbs the picture.

    My equipment:
    Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz
    512 MB RAM
    200 GB
    Geforce 6800 128 MB RAM

    Drivers for graphic card and DirectX is up to date.

    Is anybody familiar with this problem and does anyone have a solution?

    Feel free to ask additional questions!

    PS. I would like to show a screenshot but i could not copy-paste a picture into this thread and i dont know how else to show the screenshot.

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    Re: Disturbing graphic issue - need help!

    If you can host the pic at a website, like imageshack, then you can post the link to it. Are you overclocking anything at all? I ran into issues similar to that on a 9600 that I had turned up a bit too far causing artifacting.
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      Re: Disturbing graphic issue - need help!

      I have interesting screen shots from when my video card was bugging out.

      I reseated my video card and the problems went away, but I tried just about everything else beforehand with no success.
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        Re: Disturbing graphic issue - need help!

        Thanks for tip about imageshack. Here is some screenshots from different games that clearly shows the problem.

        Battlefield 2:

        Evil Genius:

        And to answer your question: I have not overclocked or changed my hardware since i bought it 1 year ago.


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          Re: Disturbing graphic issue - need help!

          If you recently installed new drivers, try doing a driver rollback. Sometimes the newest drivers don't work right with certain cards. (not DirectX, just the video card driver)
          Try reseating the card (shut off the PC, pull the card out, put it back in)
          Check to see if the fan on the graphics card is still operational, sometimes those crappy little fans crap out. If you don't have a fan, check the temperature of the heatsink on the card. If, after it's been running for about 15 minutes, you can't hold your finger on the heatsink for longer than 2 seconds (ie: it's very very hot) think about installing a third party fan or increasing your case air-flow with intake/exhaust fans. Problem could be heat-related.
          Otherwise, it might be that the card is bad. If you haven't OC'd it, I think most cards are covered under a limited 3-year.
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