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  • @#%^@#^ !!!! Helpppppppp

    Ok...I'm tired of fooling with something I really have no clue about :oops:

    I'm trying to get 2 computers with XP home, one with ME... both have network cards installed, both have tcp/ip installed, I plug the cable in, and the lights on both cards are lit, however, the XP machine still shows that the network cable is unplugged :evil: what am I doing wrong ?

    ...yes, I'm using a crossover cable....

    ** edit **

    oh yea, the hardware profile on the XP machine says the nic is functioning properly

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    First more info.

    Are these computers only talking to each other or is one or both connected to the internet via broadband, or to an existing network?

    Are you connecting via a hub/switch/router or crossover cable?

    Are IP's assigned dynamically or Statically?
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      MIne (XP macchine) is connected only through a dial-up to the net, no hub or switch, straight crossover cable. Right now, the XP is set at, and the ME at


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        You might want to use XP's Network connection wizard. If you go to Network Connection run the link to set up a home or small business network. It is pretty easy to follow the directions once you run it. You can leave the IP setting on this one as it will likely set it to what you all ready have anyhow. When it asks you if you want to make a setup disk you can either insert a floppy and make a XP network setup disk or if you ahve your XP CD you select that you don't need to and finish. Then run the floppy setup disk or insert the XP disk in the ME machine and select the option for other items on the disk I forget exactly what the text for it says, but there will be an option to run teh network setup just like you did on XP.

        See if that gets them talking. Other than that make sure your hardware is indeed good and your cabel is indeed crossover. I did once the other day where the NIC lit up just fine like it was linked but you could never ping the card or get a connection. I put another card in and it worked fine.
        "they're more like guidelines, than actual rules,"....Captain Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean


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          can they ping each other?
          From Adam Webb


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            No...they can't ping each other....:(
            Late last night, I tried installing a newer version of the driver for the nic, the entire pc froze as soon as I installed it :evil: I rebooted, PnP said it found new hdwe, and was going to install the drivers, but when it goes through the automatic process, something goes wrong, and in device manager, I get the yellow exclamation point. If I try to manually install the freezes the machine again... I think I'm going to jerk that card outa there and place it gently in the trash can ;)


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              you can also try enabling NetBEUI Protocol. To do this with XP, you have to browse the XP CD under Addons I think. Then read the readme for intructions.


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                next, you'll have to stretch that 150 footer over here for 3 v 3 LAN's!
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