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I want to upgrade my system

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  • I want to upgrade my system

    First I need help finding what all I have in my computer, I know of a few things

    All I know is ,

    Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H55M-D2H

    Intel® Core™ i7-870 Processor

    8 GB ram, 4 usable, 1 is broken or slot on motherboard is broken, can't tell which.

    600w power supply,

    GeForce GTS 450

    I want to be able to play BF3 on ultra settings at the highest FPS, My budget is around $100-400 every two weeks, cheap is better but I can save up for more expensive parts if needed.

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    Re: I want to upgrade my system

    Possibly your operating system is a 32 bit version? This would limit the total amount of RAM you can use. Check that if you haven't.

    Upgrade your video card. For ultra settings at "the highest FPS" with out a pain in the butt you need to buy the strongest available single chip video card. At the moment that is either the GTX680 or 7970 GHz edition. Both are a little above the amount you specified per month. Also both are a huge waste of money in that they do not provide a great value over cards that cost half as much or less. But, they are the best way to meet the psecifications you provided. This is assuming your screen resolution is 1920x1080, tell us if it is different.
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      Re: I want to upgrade my system

      well, I don't know what the future GPU cards will require for power, but it never hurts to have a better PSU.

      There is a Nvidia 690 and the AMD 7990 and they are beasts... To be honest, if you want to know every last detail about your computer hardware the best tool for you is to download and install System Information for Windows ( SIW ) by Gabriel Topola... It is a diagnostic identification software that gives you access to software, hardware, network, and sensor information. You will be able to read information on the RAM, CPU, GPU, fans, motherboard, bios, and almost everything else you would want to know about your computer. Download it and have fun.

      read this:


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        Re: I want to upgrade my system

        64 bit and Screen is 1920x1080


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          Re: I want to upgrade my system

          Originally posted by BeSiege82 View Post
          AMD 7990
          Wait, what? I hope this is a typo or I'm upgrading from my 7970.

          Anyways, a better PSU wouldn't be a bad thing. A Corsair TX750 would suit the bill. The 7970 GHz Edition and 680 have max average power draws of 314 and 271, respectively.

          I wouldn't even look at a 690, they cost about a grand each. Personally, I say get the 7970 and be happy. I've got one (a non GHz Edition) and I manage ultra settings on BF3 when it somehow ends up getting installed on my computer. I've had 2 NVIDIAs and I wasn't that happy with them. I didn't like the support programs compared to Catalyst Control.

          I recommend trying to swap the RAM sticks in their slots, then you'll be able to tell if it's the mobo or you have a dead stick.

          Also, what is your CPU clocked to? You could do some overclocking on it and get some better performance from it. But I see no reason to upgrade the CPU or mobo at the moment. If you overclock, you will need a better cooler. I say a Cooler Master Hyper 212 will suffice. If you're feeling like a higher clock rate, I'd say a liquid CPU cooler would be the better bet. Something like a Corsair or Antec. They're closed loop, so you don't have to fill them up or perform any routine maintenance on them.

          Another thing you can get is an SSD. I say a 120GB Kingston HyperX, 128GB Crucial M4 or 128GB Samsung 830. All will run you around $120ish. The Samsung isn't the fastest, but very reliable. I have the Kingston and it's done nothing but impress me. And I've heard nothing but raving on the Crucial's firmware. You won't be disappointed with any of the 3. If you have any questions about it, ask around, many know a lot and will help out.
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            Re: I want to upgrade my system

            Brain why don't you go ahead and list the model of and the ampers available on the 12V line for your power supply.
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              Re: I want to upgrade my system

              Im not sure what you mean, On the line or on the power supply, forgive me its 2 am and im tired so my comprehension is messed.

              The model of the power supply is enermax eg701ax-ve(w) noisetaker

    ,1073-15.html Im certain its that one.
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                Re: I want to upgrade my system

                That is a quality power supply from 7 plus years ago. I imagine it has probably held up well and would continue to do so. However it was built with Pentium 4 and Athlon computer systems in mind. Which means that it carries a lot of its rated power on the 5v and 3.3v lines which you do not need so nearly as much these days. The +12v line amperage(which can be seen towards the bottom of that article page in the last picture) shows 35A which amounts to 420 watts of power. That could be be enough but with one of those high end video cards and a power hungry quad core you may be pushing it near the limit. Especially if you get a factory overclocked GPU or try to overclock your CPU afterwards. Just keep it in mind I suppose.
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                  Re: I want to upgrade my system

                  You should be good on the PSU end assuming you have enough connectors. If not, go for a current PSU as a upgrade. 650W to 750W should be more than enough for your needs. Hardware nowadays are nowhere near as power hungry as stuff from years ago. So getting a 1000W PSU is usually a general waste unless you have a SLI/Crossfire setup going and am heavily overclocking.

                  As for graphics card, I can play BF3 at max/ultra settings @ 1920 x 1200 with my GTX670 and still manage 60+ fps in the most intense firefights. Here's a more standardized testing done by Tom's Hardware if you wanna look at comparable figures:,3200-5.html

                  So you don't need to necessarily spend $100 more ($500 vs. $400) on the GTX680 unless you were playing at very high resolutions across multiple monitors.
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