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  • Help with multi screens

    I'm looking for a multi-monitor PC set up, ideally with 4-6 screen
    capabilities. I have been digging around on the net and have found four
    companies that provide what I'm looking for:

    DigitalEGA ( - They provide four base model PC's with a
    wide variety of upgrades available that can power anywhere from 2-24 monitor
    set-ups. They also sell monitor configurations separately and offer a number
    of value combo's (PC and Monitors).

    Multiple Monitors ( - These guys sell a decent
    selection of monitors and PC's but their PC's seem a bit dated, Intel i3
    processors etc.

    Digital Tigers ( - Well established company with an
    extensive range of monitors and PC configurations, I found them to be a
    little pricey, especially as I would have to have paid a lot in shipping and
    import duty.

    Quad Vision ( - They seems more for large corporations
    but do offer workstations and monitor configurations, although there site
    does not seem to have e-commerce or pricing available.

    Has anyone else got any other suggestions on other sites? I am in the UK so
    ideally I would like free or cheap shipping

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    Re: Help with multi screens

    What is your intent?

    The hardware to run multiple screens in 2D applications is quite simple and much cheaper than the solutions you have shown. We can probably help you put something together.
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      Re: Help with multi screens

      I second Namebot's suggestion. It would be much more cost-effective to build your own PC and buy multiple monitors than it would be to pay a premium at a custom boutique.

      Are we safe to assume this will be primarily for work and not for play?
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        Re: Help with multi screens

        As others have suggested build your own computer and buy the monitors cheap through an online retailer or tech warehouse (e.g. Amazon, Newegg, CompUSA, Frys, etc...). As for the monitor stand there are several manufacturer's however one that has stood out for me is Ergotech, check out the links below.

        Ergotech - General Stands
        Ergotech - Gaming Stands
        Ergotech Products on Amazon


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          Re: Help with multi screens

          If your looking for software to assist in managing a multi-monitor setup, I would recommend DisplayFusion. It is free to use, with some limitations. The full version is relatively inexpensive. Just my recommendation.

          BTW, love the sig with your system config, Def. You build that or get it some where?





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