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Planetside 2 keeps crashing after ~30 minutes

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  • Planetside 2 keeps crashing after ~30 minutes

    The game runs great on high graphics settings. I reduced it to medium than low in hopes that it would reduce crashes but it hasn't. Using the onboard sound card or the sound card on the video card makes no difference. Planetside2 doesn't seem to be taxing the computer and the frame rate is good. I only run at 1024x768. Wondering if anyone els has had this issue and if you have found a fix.
    For the longest time there was a simlar issue with Fallout 3 and that was fixed by changing the number of CPU's the program used.
    Have heard rumors that the game NEEDS 4 gig of ram. I have 4 gig but being that my OS is Vista 32bit i'm limited to 3.5 That may be the case. Wouldn't the game run slow if that was the issue? The game runs smooth though. No stuttering or slowdown at all.
    I have 3 seperate physical hard drives. 1 for the operating system (Vista) 1 for Games (steam) and 1 for my virtual memory with a system managed page file.
    I have no temperature issues. I can run [email protected] and let it run 24/7 without the GPU going above 51c, CPU doesn't go higher than 46c

    ASUS P5Ne SLI motherboard
    700w PSU
    OS: Windows Vista Home Pemium 32 (6.0 build 6002)
    Bios: Phoenix Awardbios v6.00PG
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4GHz (4CPU's) ~2.4GHz
    Memory 3326MB RAM 800MHz dual channel mode (4 gig GSkill Ram installed)
    DirectX 11
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 768MB (310.70)
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    Re: Planetside 2 keeps crashing after ~30 minutes

    Take a look in this thread for starters, I think I may have put some solutions for 32 bit Operating Systems:

    If nothing in there fixes the problem, then post in here again and we'll see what solution we can come up with. :D




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