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Cooler for ATI 9700 Pro AIW??

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  • Cooler for ATI 9700 Pro AIW??

    I've been having significant problems with my ATI 9700 Pro AIW lately, and think it's due to overheating of the card. So I pick up an Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 1 Rev 2 from newegg. I (eventually) get the stock cooler off the card (which involved compressing two plastic studs with a needlenose), get the thermal paste off, and attempt to fit the new card on. It doesn't fit by literally 1/8 inch. The plastic case and copper piece of the cooler won't fit with the tuner on there. So I break out the dremel and shave a little box off the plastic encasement of the new cooler. Still won't fit by a fraction of an inch. :/

    So my question is...what can I do to replace the cooler on this card? I can't find a single cooler anywhere with 9700 Pro AIW listed in the description. At this point, I'll be happy with a regular little fan like the stock one. Anything to avoid dropping $400 on a new AIW... Any help is appreciated!!

    And if anyone's interested in a cheap, slightly altered ATI Silencer 1 Rev 2, let me know... I'll even throw in the thermal material remover and thermal surface purifier I bought with it. I can take a pic of the little 'mod' I did to the card too - it's not significant and won't affect performance of the cooler at all.



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