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The gpu website to end all arguments

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  • [INFO] The gpu website to end all arguments

    There is a new GPU website that has just opened this week.


    This site gives you a blow by blow comparison of any card on the market. It even gives you a recommendation which card you should buy if you are gaming or benchmarking etc.

    Some screenshots.


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    Re: The gpu website to end all arguments

    What about HardOCP or Tomshardware?

    Kyle over at HardOCP gives quite a review for just about every card he gets his hands on.

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      Re: The gpu website to end all arguments

      A few problems exist with this place. For many of the different cards comparable, few actually have test indicators on games and compute performance.


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        Re: The gpu website to end all arguments

        There are several sites out there like that one. I feel none of them are very competent or trustworthy enough. You can't replace diligent research in finding reviews, detailed benchmarks, etc when comparing hardware. Every person uses their hardware differently much like how every gamer differs in how and what they play.

        Besides, these sites only give a small collection of games as a basis for comparison and even then they usually don't factor in the variances in manufacturer cards or software updates/driver updates.
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          Re: The gpu website to end all arguments

          there is one like this for CPU's too, which I like, but there aren't as many problems with different manufacturers...




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