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  • ARMA II Upgrade

    Hey all,

    So I have a computer that I have been able to scrape by with playing FSX and other games on, but it's never quite been enough, and now that I tried to play Arma II, I've finally decided to upgrade my machine.

    Interesting thing is that my dad works for Intel and he got most of these parts there; It's a server motherboard, so that may need to be changed. (I really have no idea, hence my post.)

    Well here's the machine:

    Motherboard: Intel S3420GP
    CPU: Intel i3 530 2.93 GHz, 2926 Mhz
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 550 Ti
    RAM: 8 gb DDR3
    Display is 1920 x 1080
    Running windows 7 64 bit.

    Hope you can help,


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    Re: ARMA II Upgrade

    First what's your budget? I say if anything, you should upgrade your CPU and motherboard, but the 550 Ti should be fine enough to run ARMA 2 and ARMA 3.


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      Re: ARMA II Upgrade

      I'm not sure on a budget but would be open to whatever suggestions you might have, I was already looking to upgrade to some kind of i7, so that will probably happen.

      What do you feel the weakest link is, even on the lowest settings most higher end games are running at lower than 15 fps and for Arma II about 7 fps;

      Is it just that the architecture of the motherboard isn't suited for gaming?


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        Re: ARMA II Upgrade

        Weakest link for ArmA is the hard drive. You need one with a very high read speed. Preferably a solid state drive. Those work best. Next would be video card, then processor. The card you posted will handle it just fine. You really should invest in a good SSD though.


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          Re: ARMA II Upgrade

          From my experience SSD only help with bringing the textures into the game and not necessarily FPS; But seeing as I had to lower the settings, including texture res, to the lowest setting to improve it from a slide show, I will probably have to invest in one of those.

          But does anyone have any idea how the Server board might be affecting the game?


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            Re: ARMA II Upgrade

            The mainboard may well have some options which favor accuracy over time to execute, but it is doubtful that undoing them would provide a very large increase in performance. You should concentrate on obtaining components that provide more power.
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              Re: ARMA II Upgrade

              I'd definitely aim for a quad-core. It doesn't have to be a i7, a i5 is more than enough to handle any game out there. Going with a i5 saves you some money so you can spend on a aftermarket cooler for that new CPU, new graphics card, and/or a SSD.

              Your server board really doesn't affect your gaming performance. Since your dad works for Intel, I suggest asking him if he can acquire a 1156 i5 or i7 as those chips are becoming increasingly hard to find on the open market. They are possibly more expensive than the current 1155 chips.

              As much as a SSD will help with loading times, I'd invest in a better graphics card. Speaking from experience (my old HD5830 is about even with a 550Ti), that 550Ti can handle Arma2, just not very well during intense fights even on low settings. You'd get much more bang for your buck upgrading your graphics card first.

              Assuming you don't have a preference, the HD7850 or the GTX660 would be the sweet spot right now for price-to-performance. All without having to spend over $200.
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