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  • Build it for me.

    Ok, my old rig is starting to die. The Q6600 and Asus m/b have done me well. Same with my power supply.

    Its time for an upgrade.

    What I want to do is not have to build this thing.
    I don't know, maybe its age, or IT burnout. Its just that working all day (yes in IT) and coming home and, after all these years, just wanting my gaming rig to work, I don't feel like messing around researching parts like I used to when I upgraded.

    I'd like to reuse some of my stuff, but still build a new rig.

    Will you all help me ?

    I'm thinking on a budget of $600.

    What I have and want to reuse are my Samsung 120gb SSD, two other HDD's, and my 660 GTX video card.

    So I'll need a case, a m/b, a DVD burner, memory, a power supply, and CPU (Intel please).

    Anyone willing to throw some builds at me ?



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    Re: Build it for me.

    OOOOh, this is going to be interesting.

    Would you like to do overclocking?


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      Re: Build it for me.

      Mild overclocking.



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        Re: Build it for me.

        Here are my parts picks:

        $95 (after $10 MIR) - MSI Z77A-G43 LGA1155 Motherboard
        - Two heatsinks over VRMs and MOSFETs, so you'll be good for even high overclocks, when and if you decide on overclocking.

        $220 - Intel i5-3570K LGA1155 CPU
        - Save some green over the $330 i7-3770K. Still unlocked so you can overclock the hell out of it.

        $115 - 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3-1600 RAM
        - One of the trusted and tried brands of RAM I keep coming back to buying especially if I'm going to consider overclocking. Solid reputation, great warranty, and I have a 32 GB set in my main rig. :)

        CPU Cooler
        $50 (after $25 MIR) - 120 mm Cooler Master Seidon 120XL Closed Loop Water Cooler
        - Comes with flexible plastic hoses, provides good and quiet cooling. I find CLCs easier to mount and setup vs. big fan coolers. Plus they tend to cool better for overclocks and are more affordable now than years past. These have become a must have for any builds I do (and highly suggested to others). Big air coolers can be a pain to set up, add a nice chunk of weight, and can cost as much as the cheaper CLCs now.

        Power Supply
        $90 - 700W OCZ ModXStream Pro Modular PSU
        - 700W of power is more than enough. Figured you might SLI in the future. This gives you plenty of breathing room with extra upgrade parts added in later. It's modular, so you don't have a bunch of leftover spaghetti clogging up your case's airways.

        $140 - Thermaltake Urban S71 Case
        - Stylish full tower case so you have plenty of room to work in and still have a black tower of doom and pizazz to wow your friends, neighbors, and kids with. Comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports on the front, so you'd be futureproofed in that regard. Plus these hook into your USB 3.0 internal headers on your new mobo. :)
        - Gosh, this baby makes me drool. I suddenly want one! :D

        DVD Burner
        $18 - 24X Lite-On SATA DVD-Burner
        - I trust Lite-On for media drives. Out of 8 drives over the past 10 years, only 1 has ever failed on me. Never burned a coaster with quality disks. They've gotten faster and quieter over the years too. :)

        Subtotal: $728
        Shipping: $31
        Total: $759

        I figured your $600 was flexible, so this is what I came up with without compromising too much. Put her together, hook everything up, install Windows and drivers, then your games, and sit back and enjoy. It's ~$160 overboard, but I think that extra money is easily justified given the overclock and upgrade potential.

        Now if you are really tight when it comes to that budget, aka you really want to be closer to $600, then here are some alternatives I've picked out:

        $85 - ASRock Z75 Pro3 LGA1155 Motherboard (Savings: $20)
        - A bit of a compromise here. You miss two little features you probably won't even notice are gone versus a Z77 board. You are lacking 1 heatsink over the other MOSFETs and VRMs, so you're probably not going to want to overclock your CPU too high, else your VRMs are gonna overheat and system stability is going to drop like a rock.

        CPU? (Savings: $10-$15)
        - Well you really can't compromise here if you want any overclock potential. And frankly, you're only to get that with a K processor from Intel.
        - However, if you live near (or even within drivable distance), you can pick up a i5-3570K from your local Micro Center for $190 + tax (and gas costs). You'd save ~$10-$15 after taxes.

        RAM - 8 GBs Downgrade - 8 GBs (2 x 4 GB) G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600 RAM (Savings: $50)
        - Downgrade to 8 GBs of RAM and save $50. I don't even suggest this as down the road you could end up paying more for another 8 GBs of G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3-1600 RAM. You might not use more than 8 GBs now, but hey better be a little futureproofed so when you do cross over 8 GBs of RAM usage, you're already set to go. Less work and time spent for later and more time spent on gaming now. :D

        Case? (Savings: $40-$60?)
        - Perhaps you might like a Midtower instead of a Full Tower? Not sure if you have a preference. Personally, I find having more wiggle room in my case a huge benefit as this makes building it and upgrading it down the road so much easier. Then when you start building the machine, you don't run into a situation of "Well where do I put these cables?" or "Man this big long graphics card I just bought doesn't fit!". Besides it is a work of art that you poured your time and energy into building (as well as a investment), so why not have something nice that represents?

        No DVD Burner (Savings: $18)
        - Do you really need a DVD burner? How often do you use yours now? Maybe the occassional burn here and there or the once-in-a-while DVD? A lot of builders are now considering doing away with a media drive as it almost serves no purpose for them given the widespread use of digital distribution services (like Steam, Origin, etc).
        - Personally, I built my rig with a Blu-Ray burner. My purpose was to use BR media to backup important files that rarely changed and so I could eventually build up a Blu-Ray collection and be able to watch it on my computer (since it's my TV already). :p Obviously, not something even worth considering on your budget.
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          Re: Build it for me.


          I'm going to take your recommendation and get that MSI motherboard. Also, going to go for the Gskill RAM but only 8mbs, and the Lite-On burner.

          Here's the case I choses:

          As for cooling, I'm going to hold off on overclocking for a bit, so I'm just going to use the stock cooler.

          Thanks for the help, I'm making my purchase right after I post this :)



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            Re: Build it for me.

            Ooooh...I didn't even see that case. *drools*

            Okay, if you think $50 for the cooler is still too expensive, the Hyper 212+ is ~$30 usually online. It's a much better alternative/upgrade to the stock cooler and still lets you do some mild overclocking.
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            Pronounciation: Eh-Cree-Oh Ah-Nay-Ess
            Still can't say it? Call me Acorn then. -.-

            SSDs I Own: Kingston HyperX 3K (240 GB), Samsung 840 Pro (256 GB), Samsung 840 EVO (250 GB), Samsung 840 x 2 (120 GB), Plextor M5S (120 GB), OCZ Vertex (30 GB)

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