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  • Good guys Corsair

    So happy am I, that I decided to tell people.

    I bought a K90 keyboard about 18 months ago and after about 6 months the led on one single key failed. No biggie - key worked fine. This week however I upgraded my system and while doing it I talked to Wickens. He mentioned his keyboard and I got round to the thought of asking Corsair about the led. They suggested an RMA.

    Today in the post I got a K95 replacement for a single broken LED. A 130 keyboard for a perfectly working one that cost me 79. And this one is black and looks even better.

    Now to send back the old one!

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    Re: Good guys Corsair

    Just got the K95 as well . . . love the K95 . . . . keys are almost TOO sensitive . . . .I get so busy scanning . . . and then I start walking . . . . opps . . . touching the W key . . . lol.

    Enjoy Jeepo . . . . :-)


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      Re: Good guys Corsair

      Well that was good of them, I had a similar experience with my old cooler master case, the front ports for the mic and headset started to misbehave, my mic would cut out every now and then and there was a slight buzzing sound coming from it, so nearly 3 years after I bought the case I contacted cooler master and told them my problem and they sent me out a new front IO panel even though the warranty had expired over a year ago.


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        Re: Good guys Corsair

        If it was Logitech, they would let you keep your old keyboard and send you a new one instead. At least that's been my experience with them the last 10+ years after getting a keyboard and 4 mice replace (1 of which was just out of warranty). But glad to hear you got a new updated keyboard Jeepo! That's why warranties exist: if something goes wrong, you can get a replacement at no charge.
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