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Gaming Keypads . . . . thoughts??

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  • Gaming Keypads . . . . thoughts??

    Considering the "Razer Orbweaver Mechanical PC Gaming Keypad"

    Wanted to ask the communities thoughts on the topic . . . . I like that is is mechanical (loving my K95) but not sure adding it will do anything more for in game play speed. Maybe muscle memory would be better and with some extended stance buttons, might make for some quicker shifts, but it's a quandary.

    Given how awesome (and "good" critical) the community advice and thoughts were on my PC build (awesome and I'm loving it by the way) I thought I would ask on this topic as well before making any rash purchases (NOOO . . . like I EVER do that . . . . lol).

    Thanks in advance guys.


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    Re: Gaming Keypads . . . . thoughts??

    Pretty much all of the mechanical gaming keyboards are almost identical. Their only real difference comes in the Cherry MX switches they employ. Some employ reds, blacks, blues, browns, etc. Most people have a preference for only a few of the switches when it comes to gaming and others (like blues) for touch typing. Browns are considered middle ground, not too clickly, moderate force, fairly quick so good for typing and gaming.

    Since you have a K95 already, why get a new one? Problems with your K95?
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