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Computer upgrade worries...

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  • Computer upgrade worries...

    Hello all!

    I am looking to take advantage of the Black Friday deals and upgrade my gaming rig, (Current specs: 4 GB Ram, i7 @ 2.80, Nvidia GTX 260) current budget around $800. Looking to upgrade RAM, graphics, and monitor.

    I have already narrowed it down to a couple options as far as RAM goes, but it looks like $130-$160 will go towards 16GB of that.

    The graphics card is where I am worried. I had selected the R9 280x as it fits in my price-range (leaves a good $300 for monitor) and it should run the newest games on ultra (right?) but someone pointed out to me that it is PCIE 3.0 and my MOBO is PCIE 2.0, so it may not work with my system, and even if it does, it will run much slower than advertised. Does anybody have any good insight on this?

    Lastly, any recommendations for $300 or less monitor? Hoping for around the 27 inch range.
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    Re: Computer upgrade worries...

    The graphics card will work fine.
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      Re: Computer upgrade worries...

      I don't know if you already purchased a monitor or not, but what other features were you looking for other than the screen size? What resolution? Panel type (IPS, MVA, PVA, TN, etc)? Response rate (60 hz, 75 hz, 120 hz)? Connectivity (HDMI, VGA, DVI-D/DVI-I, DisplayPort, etc)? Do you want a height-adjustable stand? Tilt only? Color preference?
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