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  • Headset - USB - Input device

    Received a new headset for Christmas to replace my broken one - busted mic.

    The new headset only has a USB input to plug into the USB port. My old headset had the multi colored wire(s) input that plugs into the back of the PC.

    If I use the USB port, the sound is generic and doesn't seem to be as good as my old headset.


    1) I'm guessing my soundcard cannot be used via the USB port and accessed thru the multi color input device at the back of the PC(?). (I checked the control panel in Vista and couldn't make it work).

    2)if yes, do I buy, or do they make soundcards that can be accessed via a USB port?

    3)or do they make a connector (I searched but couldn't find) that plugs into headsets USB and then plugged into the soundcards input device at the back of the PC so I can access the soundcard?

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    Re: Headset - USB - Input device

    I've only seen the ones that had the multicolor plugged into a USB attachment that goes into the comp, not USB to multicolor to comp.

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      Re: Headset - USB - Input device

      The USB headset has a small soundcard build in that is run over the USB port.


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        Re: Headset - USB - Input device

        Originally posted by marstein View Post
        The USB headset has a small soundcard build in that is run over the USB port.
        ^ This. USB headsets have their own small (and inferior) sound chipsets built in. So they will bypass your sound card when it comes to reproducing sound and capturing your voice.
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