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  • SSDs for sale on Amazon

    The following link has various SSDs that are for sale on amazon for a significantly reduced price. As I don't know anything about these items. I would appreciate the communities advice on the SSDs and if they are a good purchase?

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    Re: SSDs for sale on Amazon

    Do not, no matter what...ever..ever... ever.. Get a SSD less then 240 Gb.. PERIOD. I have like 3 120 gb drives and they are ALWAYS FULL. I don't even have STEAM on the SSD. So what is right..and buy big..or not at all.. ;-)
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      Re: SSDs for sale on Amazon

      I'd recommend going with a 250 GB Samsung 840 EVO or a 256 GB Samsung 840 Pro. Their SSDs are one of the top performers across most benchmark and real-world tests and their software toolkit is top notch.

      Otherwise of the selection there, I'd go with...

      the 240 GB Mushkin Chronos Deluxe:


      the 240 GB Kingston HyperX 3K:

      I have the Kingston 3K myself in my current home gaming rig. One of the fastest Sandforce-based SSDs on the market. It's been in nearly constant service since August 2012. Haven't had any problems with it. Updated the firmware once. A bit nicer of a casing than the Mushkin (some aluminum vs. all plastic). Otherwise, not much of a difference between the two.
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        Re: SSDs for sale on Amazon

        Some of these are a decent buy for permanent storage when compared to USB flash drives of similar size. I have hot swap bays and these would make great mini backup drives.

        Like Acreo recommended I too use Samsung 8xx series drives for production environments. I generally place my OS, critical software, and games that benefit from an SSDs speed (ArmA, Skyrim, RAGE, etc).




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