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  • Connection issues....

    So over the last couple days i've had some serious issues with my connections in online gaming both in CS 1.6 and in BF2.

    I'm getting "rubber-banding", meaning i'll be running along and then warp to a spot I was previously. I also see infantry, copters, tanks shaking back and forth, if that makes any sense. In CS i get the same thing, it's like lag spikes, but not lag.

    I contacted my ISP and they ran a bunch of tests. Powercycled the cable modem, reset it on thier end. Ran traceroutes, pings, etc. They think it's on my end.

    I haven't changed any settings, and i've been running fine for months since I bought my new computer. I haven't installed any new software or hardware. I ran virus scans, adware scans, spyware scans. Checked my network connections....I've done everything I could think of. I even unplugged and cleaned out the inside of the computer to make sure no dust was causing issues.

    I've exhausted every possible thing I could think of and still having problems. Short of rebuilding my computer (Which is a last ditch effort and it's only 3 months old anyway) I just can't figure out what's going on.

    Anyone else ever have these issues? I saw a thread on it, but nothing really new to say on it. I posted there too....

    Need some help! I wanna get back online and have a great time playing, but right now, it's just frustrating and unplayable!

    Thanks for any help and suggestions in advance.



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