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  • data recovery

    I have a HDD that has about 1000 pictures of my baby on it and I need to get them back.
    Prooblem is I rebuilt the computer because of a failing MOBO and since that HDD had the OS (win XP) on it I can not boot the system with that drive installed...

    Any help???

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    Re: data recovery

    If you manually set the master/slave jumpers on the drive, your new drive should boot your good OS and the old drive should be accessible. If you have the option in your BIOS of specifying your exact boot device and/or some sort of boot menu, try using that to boot off the primary drive.
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      Re: data recovery

      Do you have a second CD drive, or an external drive?

      Then use Knoppix.

      Ok, it's linux. Here's my thought: plug the HD into the MOBO, and boot the live linux CD. It will automount the harddisk, which will give you the ability to rescue the photos without booting XP.

      If you need help, PM me, I'll walk you through it.

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        Re: data recovery

        Thanks Apo...

        Thanks for making me feel dumb :)


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          Re: data recovery

          Instead of screwing with jumpers you can always just unplug your optical drive(s) and plug your HDD in, grab the pics. Although if you have XP and have your pics under "My Pictures" and the user account was password protected you are outta luck, you'll need to use Partition magic or like to convert your drive to fat32 to blow off security of the NTFS file system.

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            Re: data recovery

            if you cant get that i have a program that goes behind windows and just shows folders...ive used it many times when windows was bad...let us know
            that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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