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  • Windows Tablets?

    So I switched jobs and I have a desktop instead of a laptop. This means I don't have the ability to have Lazy internet when I am on the couch. My desktop at home is great for gaming. I am thinking of getting a Windows tablet as I can watch Hulu w/o paying for Hulu Plus. I have an iphone and do like it, though I don't want to feel limited. It is nice to be able to plug my tablet into my TV and watch Hulu. I am looking at the Asus T100 w/ 64GB SDD. It is $354 and doesn't seem so bad. I did order a K3011 for $220 from Lenovo's Outlet store, but the wifi was faulty and after dealing with another faulty system I ordered from Lenovo a week prior I decided to not go that route. I wasn't wanting to spend to much money, though my big things are the following:

    Watch Hulu w/o paying
    10" or larger screen
    8+ hours of battery

    The wife has a full size laptop if needed, I have a desktop, we both have iphone 5s, so I think a tablet might be the next thing to get. Also I would like the ability to go camping and do some writing. Long battery life, keyboard, and no distractions might help aid this want.

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    Re: Windows Tablets?

    I like Androids better. If you have your heart set on a Microsoft tablet, then go ahead, but I try to stay away unless it is using the real 8.1.


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      Re: Windows Tablets?

      Very few tablets (if any) will get 10+ hours of watching streaming videos. You are going to find it's hard finding a tablet that can do that. With that said, the Surface 2 Pro is probably your best bet as far as Windows 8 tablets go. It runs a full version of Windows 8/8.1 so you will be able to run a variety of desktop apps on there without the need to look for a RT version.
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