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  • build design request

    Guys, I am trying to come up with an affordable solution for a computer build capable of playing BF4 and Star Citizen. I need to have multiple designs to present which represent both AMD, Intel, and Nvidia possible configurations.

    I am familiar with the AMD FX tower type builds, but my knowledge of the desktop APU market and designs is sorely lacking. I should also mention that I know little of modern tower based Intel processors. I am familiar with AMD graphics cards, but I am not experienced with Nvidia. My last Nvidia card is a GeForce 4. (Which still works.)

    The price range is between $400 and $800 to start with and it is desired that the motherboard be higher end in order to allow for greater expandability and usability for the future. This does apply to the AMD APU line as long as the same socket is used when new CPU lineups come out.

    The person is in no hurry, as graduation is soon and a summer job will be needed before buying a computer.

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    Re: build design request

    If he can afford a FX-4300, then I would not suggest looking at a APU as none of them come with L3 cache which can be sorely needed for gaming. Is his budget including accessories, monitor, and OS or just the box?
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      Re: build design request

      He is looking at the box, as he still have a mouse, key board, and he is working on a TV/ monitor as we speak...




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