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Xbox 360 controller for PC also...

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  • Xbox 360 controller for PC also...

    Just in case you wanted to know something like this, lol... the controller that is being made for the Xbox 360 is also a USB Win XP controller...

    So if your a really hardcore gamer you can jump from GRAW on Xbox 360 to the same controls on the PC, (if they really release a PC version )

    of course, IMO, if your playing a tactical shooter with a pad your scum, no, lower then scum... your scums scum, lol... jk...

    here's the news from

    Joining the Game Precision Series later this year will be the new Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, a wired gaming controller that works with Windows XP-based PCs and the new Xbox 360 system to deliver a consistent gaming entertainment experience across Microsoft's gaming platforms.
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    Re: Xbox 360 controller for PC also...

    The PC version is completely different from the console versions. It supposed to be a real sequel to Ghost Recon. The same thing is also said to be happening to Lockdown for the PC. I am happy about the X360 controller working with Windows I finnally get to play Silent Hill. I just hate how they cost 50 dollars.
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