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Network Guru's needed - Blank Default Gateway

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  • Network Guru's needed - Blank Default Gateway

    I repair laptops at my job. I'm no tech whiz but I have a problem I've been struggling with for the last 6 months that I hope some of you who have networking experience may be able to help me understand what is going on.

    Without getting into details and specifics, we provision modems for an isp. These laptops get their mac address stuck in the provder's system (I have been told) and their system won't release the mac or issue a new ip to that mac from another device. The only way our employees can get around this is when they use a router as the router can issue an ip to the laptop and get an ip from the modem.

    When I bring up ipconfig I can see the default gateway is blank. I understand little about it but is it correct that the nic is not communicating with the first link to the isp? This only happens on unprovisioned modems.

    The command:
    netsh winsock reset all
    netsh int tcp reset all
    Has been offered as a solution (followed by a reboot) but it doesn't solve the problem. Is it simple to explain what is going on? I have updated drivers but still have this issue with this one model. I'd like to understand more about the networking going on in plain language. If it's involved don't worry about it. I may just go buy some usb to ethernet dongles as a work around.
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    Re: Network Guru's needed - Blank Default Gateway

    MAC addresses are tied to the NIC hardware and can't be changed (unless you get a new card or spoof it).

    Let me see if I understand this:

    You are trying to get internal IPs assigned via the router? And you want these IPs to expire after a certain time? (Since it reads as if these system are assigned static IPs internally on the LAN).

    Possible Solution:

    Make sure you enable DHCP on your router! Otherwise, the router will not dole out IPs to the connected systems.

    Also under the Service tab of your router's control panel (some brands might have a different name for this), check to make sure static assignment is off by removing any system IP/MAC from the list of static assignments. Or there may be a single toggle that will allow you to turn off/on static assignment (depends on router firmware).
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