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    I just ran across this AlienWare deal and had to pick one up. Newegg is selling a Dell Alienware M18x R2 with the following spec for 1950.00 I am wondering is this a good deal? I talked with the seller and they are saying this is last years model that has never been used or sold. Can anyone help out.
    Dell Alienware M18x R2 Gaming Laptop Intel i7-3740QM 2.70GHz 6MB Cache (Turbo Boost to 3.70GHz) Dual 750GB Hard Drives 32GB Memory Dual Nvidia Geforce GTX 680M Video Cards DVD-RW Windows 7 Pro 64Bit


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    Re: Deal of the Month

    it is ok, but those things will be hot...

    I am not sure you need all that, but it is up to you.

    The lenovo Y50 series has a better cpu and an 860M and can play Star Citizen all under 80 Celsius for GPU. That Alienware will get way too hot... if that is the price for a build you customized, then ok. Otherwise, lenovo when on sale is way better, plus you may save $600 for something that can play BF4 and Star Citizen while also having a Ultra High Def screen.


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      Re: Deal of the Month

      All things considered, it is your money and you do with it as you wish. With that said, my advice is to wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday if able. You might be able to pick up one of the newer laptops with the excellent GTX 980M. That's what I'm hoping for.


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