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Sony Ericsson T610 w/ T-Mobile

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  • Sony Ericsson T610 w/ T-Mobile

    My wife and I just transitioned to GSM wireless phones. In our search for plans, we agreed that T-Mobile most effectively met our needs, including price, coverage, features, service, policy, and customer service. On November 24, we took advantage of the FCC's enforcement of Local Number Portability, moving two individual accounts from AT&T Wireless to T-Mobile, creating one Family plan with two lines. There have been hiccups, but overall we find no reason not to complete our 14-day evaluation and commit to the one year service agreement.

    My wife selected the Samsung E715, and I selected the SE T610. Both are camera phones and support GPRS data (wireless web). Coming from Nokia phones, we knew that we'd have to get used to a new navigation system and software, but anyone can get used to anything. I must say I was concerned about getting an Ericsson phone, as I've owned others in the past that were trash. This phone, however, is anything but. It's durable, navigates faster than most GSM phones I've seen, and overall is a very attractive phone visually and functionally.

    Anyway, I thought I'd report to anyone who cares that I have been very pleased over the last two weeks with the entire affair. T-Mobile's coverage, while not flawless, meets my needs almost 100% of the time. There ARE dropped calls, but no more than I had with AT&T's digital service, and I have no reason to suspect better performance from other carriers. T-Mobile's prices (here, at least) are VERY competitive, and their customer service (a human in which I can be speaking with in 90 seconds, reliably) makes me feel like they are concerned about my experience (which is really all I ask for in Customer Service - the rest is negotiable). I'm a very patient customer, and an impatient one would have had plenty of excuses to get upset about something. Most... actually.. all of the problems, however, have stemmed from the porting of my number from AT&T Wireless to T-Mobile, and most (not all) of the problems have been AT&T Wireless' fault (AT&T Wireless is being probed by the FCC for screwing up so much of the Local Number Portability process).

    My plan allows my wife and I to share 400 minutes per month. As we both have picture phones, we're able to take and send photos to each other very quickly and easily. While this is nothing more than a novelty, I must say I enjoy using the camera more than I thought I would. And frankly, having used the phone, I can see how certain professionals could seriously take business value from the integration of a phone and a camera. I know a man who services transformers along highways and often requires the assistance of engineers in the home office when dealing with certain wirings. An older man, he saw my phone and showed interest that surprised me. He explained to me that, if he could take a picture of a wiring box and send it in real time to the engineer in the home office, he often times would be able to work both more effectively and more efficiently. Interesting.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with the SE T610. The screen is very large for a non-PDA-style phone, and exTREMEly bright. The glass covering the screen was poorly designed, lends to glare, and is next-to-impossible to read in direct sunlight. The entire phone can be driven with my voice, which is nice, especially considering how often I use the phone hands-free. The phone has full support for GPRS data, and I use it to get information online daily. Most mobile phones are capable of rendering only WBMP (monochrome) graphics in their browsers. I learned after I acquired the phone that the T610 is one of only a few that is able to render GIFs and JPGs, so the websites I visit can be in color, which is nice. I've written a program that gives me real-time weather radar on the phone, and a webcam of Memphis' skyline. Of course, I've yet to really NEED this information so far, but... meh.. such is the life of the computer nerd. :) Lastly, the phone's ability to run Java and Morphun software means there's always something new to put on the phone.

    Anyway, I don't really have a reason for writing this other than to be helpful. I guess that, if you or someone you know is looking to "upgrade" their wireless experience, this gets my recommendation as one way to consider. I'm very pleased with both T-Mobile and the SE T610.

    Be well.
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    Well I used SonyEricsson T68i for some time.
    The phone was so slow it drove me mad.
    Then my wife lost it :D
    Now i got T610 as well. Man i love that phone.
    Totally different. It is fast.
    I changed the pohne case from regular silver to dark blue. It even looks good now .
    I will recommend it to anybody. And its not Nokia :)

    PS. I found my T68i the other day from my backyard, after snow melted . Surprisingly it still works.




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