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[PSA]Recovery SSD space

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  • [PSA]Recovery SSD space

    I have run like this for just under a year and had no issues *on my build* your mileage may vary and I take no responsibility for anything that happens by following these instructions, I'm just a normal guy with little training but lots of curiosity and a small SSD

    So I used WinDirStat to see where the 30gigs of my 60gig fresh install of windows on my SSD was.


    7.5 gigs, used mainly if your PC runs out of RAM space, not likely to be an issue in my build, safely tuned this back to 1 gig just in case.
    >Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Performance Settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory. Set it to "custom size" and select a size (in MB)

    Hiberfile.sys. (5 gigs)

    Used when your computer is placed in hibernate mode, I never use this disabled with elevated cmd prompt and powercfg -h off

    Chrome(3 gigs)

    The next biggest space hog was my Program files X86 folder, because of Chrome, Chrome doesn't give you an option on where to install(WHY GOOGLE?) so we have to trick it to think its installing in C when it's really not.

    The other issue is Chrome creates massive files in your AppData folder as well, so to correct these data hogs follow these steps:

    1. download this file, Junction it's from SysInternals and hosted at Microsoft its safe)

    2.Unzip the file and place in your C:\Windows\System 32 folder
    You should be very careful ever placing things in system 32, make sure you trust the source! and never delete things(unless you are 100% you placed them there and you don't need them anymore)

    3. Go to the Drive where you want Chrome to install and create a folder named "Google" I use a file structure on my data drive matching the default windows to make navigating and changing install locations easier so in my case
    D:\Program Files (x86)\Google was created

    4.If you have an existing Chrome install, uninstall it, use Revo to remove any left over registry keys, make sure to delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\Google folder, or else you'll receive an error later.

    5. Do the same with the App Data folder, if you dont see the app data folder unhide the folders using the folder options in control panel, or just type \appdata into the address bar when looking at your profile folders.
    D:\Users\(USERNAME HERE)\AppData\Local\Google As before once this is moved/deleted make sure the Google folder on your SSD drive is deleted.

    6. Open notepad and paste this code into it
    *As before please look these commands up if you're not sure what they do, don't trust random people telling you to run cmd line files as an admin on your machine*

        color a
        mshta javascript:alert("Edit file to correct junction path!");close();
        mshta javascript:alert("Must be run as an admin!");close();
        junction "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google" "D:\Program Files (x86)\Google"
        junction "C:\Users\(USER NAME HERE)\AppData\Local\Google" "D:\Users\(USERNAME HERE)\AppData\Local\Google"
    now do a file -> Save as, this the file anywhere you want that you can find it later, but make sure you place .bat after the file name. This will make this a batch file to run these commands for you without typing it all in.

    7. Right Click the new batch file, hit run as admin, you'll receive two warning pop ups, these are in there in case you pasted the code without putting your own info in there, or you're not running as an admin.

    press space, it will create the first junction then pause, space again, second junction, space again and the cmd line window will close.

    if you go into your SSD drive you should now see these *fake* Google folders with what looks like a shortcut icon on them, if you click the folder, it says you're still on the C:(or whatever your SSD is) but if you look at the data, its only taking space on the D(or whatever you data drive is).

    8. Reinstall Chrome, make sure everything looks correct

    9. Buy more games to put on your roomier SSD and Praise GabeN!

    if you want to get rid of the junctions, deleting may be enough, it seemed to be when I tried, but just in case I recommend the command to remove it using that same code, change the junction command to
    junction -d "path of the folder with shortcut style icon"

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    Re: [PSA]Recovery SSD space

    Thanks, freed up almost 15 gigs



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      Re: [PSA]Recovery SSD space

      Here's a command I run once every 6 months or so to clean up all the old Windows patch related data. Usually saves quite a bit of drive space.
      dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded
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        Re: [PSA]Recovery SSD space

        Also a good one. Using Winder Stat has helped me really see where my hdd and ssd space has always gone. For example when you download custom maps on some games they get placed in app data and don't appear to ever be cleaned up. So if you played a crap custom map a year ago it may still be taking 50 or 60 Mb on your C drive.

        DCS is another bad it saves every mission you have played as a track file so you can watch it later but these can be close to 100 Mb each

        I recomend the windows disk clean up utility (search disk clean up) from the start menu click on clean system files and make sure you tell it to delete update files

        Fate whispers to the warrior "You will not survive the storm."
        The warrior whispers back, "I AM the storm."


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          Re: [PSA]Recovery SSD space

          CD . . thank you for the simple solution (tried it) and freed up 50GB of space (I have a slightly larger SSD than you do . . . it's a genetic thing - wink) Apo, thank you also for the suggestion that one maybe next (once I build up the courage to try a command line thingie).

          Thanks guys you just saved me buying another SSD to help with my space issue (buying it anyhow, but now for different reasons . . . yay!!!).



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            Re: [PSA]Recovery SSD space

            Thanks guys, saved me a ton of room!

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