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Dual GPU & Virtualization

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  • Dual GPU & Virtualization

    I have a question about using Dual GPU- Hoping you guys could provide some insight please...

    New computer Specs:
    I7-5820K 3.30GHz, 16GB RAM DDR4 2400, Gigabyte X99-UD4 Motherboard(H8 this brand), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, Win 7 Ult
    I have a V8GTS Heatsink and RM750 Power Supply to support

    Old Computer Specs:
    I5-3570K 3.4GHz, 12 GB RAM(mix matched sticks), Z77 Motherboard, Win7 Ult

    Old Computer runs fantastic. I use now for Windows Server, Kali, other Linux but want to take out GPU & install on new computer. My questions/concerns are:
    1) Would using dual GTX 970 & 650Ti be more of a bottleneck?
    2) Is removing GPU on old computer going to hurt performance? (I don't game on it)

    Overall stability & cooling in new computer run steady but don't feel GTX970 is providing me with constant/stable high FPS ie: CSGO/NS2. My old computer provides just as smooth gameplay around the same FPS. I'm not an expert in computer builds, so not sure if new computers mixmatch is interfering with its performance. Any insight once again would be tremendously helpful!
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    Re: Dual GPU & Virtualization

    You are not seeing the increase from the 970 over the 650ti that you expected and want to know if adding the 650ti to the new build will A)help performance, B)hurt anything you do on the old computer ?

    A)It can provide additional monitors, or act as a dedicated computational device for Nvidia's "Physx" physics software possibly offloading some from the 970

    B)You'll really have to just give it a try to find out, since its fairly subjective without a detailed analysis

    When you built the new computer did you get a new higher resolution monitor or let the games turn the in game graphics settings up on their own?
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      Re: Dual GPU & Virtualization

      Thanks for response.
      I bought a Asus VG248 144 hertz monitor and customized it a bit.

      I will definitely test because I like the idea of dedicating 1 of the GPU's to Phys X, and leaving the computational heavy load to the Primary GTX 970.


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        Re: Dual GPU & Virtualization

        Really just use the option of using the 970 as your main card and set the 650ti as the Physics card.




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