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  • Help testing school programs

    I don't know if this belongs more in the Help Wanted forum, so I don't mind if it gets moved.

    So I've got a couple of projects in the pipeline that I am working on for college. One is a team project and another is a individual project. I'd like to enlist your guys' help in the future to test it.

    The one I am more worried about testing is the team project; it is going to be a clone of the dungeon crawler Wizardry 3, though it probably is going to be a little different. It is going to be browser/web-based with a server. It is going to be programmed in Java and GWT.

    The individual project I am working on is going to be an artillery game, like Pocket Tanks. It is going to be programmed in c++ and SDL. This one isn't browser/web-based.

    They are both going to be opensource and on GitHub. Please don't contribute any code until we are finished with it as I don't want anybody getting accused of plagiarism or anything unethical. Afterwords, you can knock yourself out and go crazy with it. Both are in the planning stages now and won't be ready for quite awhile(weeks? months?), but when we get to a phase that we might choose to have testers, it would be cool to get input from an actual gaming community.

    However, it may be that we won't need testers for the team game, it hasn't been decided yet, I am trying to get a vote together now; but when I go to make my individual project, I would like other people's input anyway.

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    Re: Help testing school programs

    well, i'd give a hand if you need beta testing, and visual QA , can't do much about coding i'm affraid as i don't know C++ and SDL
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      Re: Help testing school programs

      I know both Java and C++. I'd have to brush up on GWT and SDL to refamiliarize myself. Assuming I'm not swamped with my own work, I could play with your code to help you with testing and such. Depending on how time constrained you are, I could probably rewrite portions of your code too...
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