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Time to uninstall uTorrent?....

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  • Time to uninstall uTorrent?....

    Seems like it for me:

    That is an archive as the page is down. Seems like the latest update silently installs software to mine Bitcoins from your machine without permission.

    For the security experts in the room, thoughts on this? Although mainly I reckon this is just a greed/trust issue.

    As an aside, what is the best/safest/lightest torrent client to be using these days? I have used uTorrent for years...

    Original link:

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    Re: Time to uninstall uTorrent?....

    Thread seems to have undergone a modrewrite of some sort. New link: Warning: EpicScale "riskware" silently installed with latest uTorrent - General - ĀµTorrent Community Forums

    I'm checking my PC now. Doesn't look like I even have that software on my machine. I do have version 3.4.2 Build 37754 [32-bit]. Not sure if they are using incremental or decremental build number scheme. Probably means I'm not updating until they remove this secretly installed piece of software or fix its permissions.


    Screw it. Uninstalling. Don't want the risk of it secretly rearing its ugly head when I need my CPU cycles. Time to find a better torrent client so I can continue downloading new linux distros.

    Here are a couple alternatives I found that fit my criteria:

    1. Deluge: Deluge BitTorrent Client
    2. qBittorrent: qBittorrent official website

    Both are lightweight, ad-free, and don't come with "premium" offers.
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      Re: Time to uninstall uTorrent?....

      I prefer the openness of qBittorrent. I'm even currently working on a few features for it. I stopped using uTorrent way way back when they first started the advertising crap. I find in-app advertising hinky.


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        Re: Time to uninstall uTorrent?....

        you're about 4 years late.

        utorrent has been a botnet for years and years, bud.


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          Re: Time to uninstall uTorrent?....

          Does that miner only work when Utorrent is on? because I can't find any trace of that program on my computer. I've been checking since I heard about it last last week in the news.


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            Re: Time to uninstall uTorrent?....

            You can opt out of installing it during the install of uTorrent. The brouhaha was that the installer didn't allow you to opt out. My understanding is that users who install the software have to explicitly install the miner as well.


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              Re: Time to uninstall uTorrent?....

              Thanks for the heads up!

              Qbittorrent it is!




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