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Making in home wifi better/stronger?

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  • Making in home wifi better/stronger?

    Is there a way, a setting, a better router that will give me better in home wifi?

    I have cable with 85 down/12 up... but when I test my wifi products like my XB1 and my iPad... in the morning I get about 20 up/10 down... in the evening and night it can drop to around 8 to 10 down and 8 up? WHY?

    any way to improve that. I'm already close to the devices IE: less then 5 yards and router is higher then PC... on a shelf.

    Can a better router actually give better wifi or is that Comcast's doing?

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    Re: Making in home wifi better/stronger?

    Most time wifi routers are set up on default channels and there ends up to be confilcts between nearby homes or for mulitple devices within the same home.

    I use a wifi analyser application on my phone which shows me what devices are using wifi and what channels are being used. Then you might be able to get into your router and change the channel it will broadcast on and maybe even increase the power level it broadcasts on.

    Time of day will have an effect but it may be more a result of more traffic on a channel at different times.
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      Re: Making in home wifi better/stronger?

      Silly question, but I have to ask, did you test the up/down through a wired connection to make sure you can get it that way?

      Also what WiFi generation is your router? (G, N, AC?) some N series routers (once that lack multiple radios) will drop down to G capability if *any* G only devices connects. So, for example, connecting an old G only tablet could turn your speedier N series device into G router.

      Checking for interference is a good idea for sure. A


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        Re: Making in home wifi better/stronger?

        Cable is heavily dependant on local traffic, and slows down in the evening when everyone comes home. Check your wired and wireless speeds during a slowdown to make sure its not just the wireless.

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