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can't get rid of this, please help...

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  • can't get rid of this, please help...

    Since this AM... no matter what browser, no matter what site, no matter what link...if I click on a link to anything, IE: read a gaming article... I get this and then a freeze, I have to kill it with the task manger... I've updated and ran both my windows security software that comes with 10... and my adAware program that is suppose to stop and block this crap... both say everything's fine and no issues found... anyone?

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    Re: can't get rid of this, please help...


    Try malwarebytes,
    on the rare occasion something gets past my AV etc, this has always found and sorted the problem.

    Also CCleaner
    give you system a clean and clean the registry also

    The free versions of these programs should be enough to get rid of whatever is causing your issue.

    Be sure to go through the settings of each program before running the scans/passes to get an understanding of what they are doing and omit anything you dont want them to do.
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      Re: can't get rid of this, please help...

      Exactly what Finestyle said.. Although I would also recommend after running both, reboot and run them again.
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        Re: can't get rid of this, please help...

        Super Antispyware, assuming it works with 10. Use it with Malware Bytes. They will both find things the other one doesn't.

        Check installed Software. This looks more like some spyware that was installed rather than something major. Anything really major is going to completely control your computer then try to extort you. This looks more to me like something you can kind of get around but is bothersome. Maybe I'm wrong. Either way, check installed programs and make sure there's nothing in there you don't recognize. If you're unsure, screenshot it and post the list of software here.

        Check plugins in your browser. First step I would take is trying different browsers. It sounds like you've done that, but it's possible that if this is malware it has installed to everything on the PC. IE, surprisingly, is often secure from this because most people use Firefox or Chrome. If you haven't used IE in the last forever, try searching for Internet Explorer and trying it. That'll at least give you platform to download troubleshooting tools if you can't some other way. IE11 is installed on Windows 10, btw, Edge is just the default.

        Bit of research on Google:
        ^these steps will probably help you.

        I completely forgot about Hitman Pro. This software was actually very impressive to me a few years back when I was doing residential support, but it was only a one use software. So you could install it and run it once on a PC, and I guess it would log that information and block you from doing it again. But that one shot would find things MalwareBytes and Superantispyware wouldn't. Try it.

        The last step in the link above will likely help you immediately, though. It's more than likely a plugin you picked up somewhere, imho.

        Hope this helps. Let us know.

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          Re: can't get rid of this, please help...

          also, try to get into Safe Mode while doing this

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            Re: can't get rid of this, please help...

            I take it that it is the "LINK BUCKS" application you running on your browser that causing this?


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              Re: can't get rid of this, please help...

              Spybot S&D also works as well. Run any of the suggested tools in sequence in safe mode without networking. It's a browser hijacker trojan that autoreplicates itself whenever you try to delete it.
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                Re: can't get rid of this, please help...

                copy, thx... and I didn't install that links bucks program, it installed itself... seems my system knows it's crap and blocks it... will do thou.
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                We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.




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