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help with software for my dad

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  • help with software for my dad

    Has anyone heard of EHR? my dad is a physician and he was asking me if I knew anything about EHR (since i am usually their tech guy). I googled and read that it is some kind of a software used by physicians, it is basically cloud based where you can access your patient records using an iPad.

    If anybody knows more details about EHR, kindly let me know so i can inform my dad about it. feedbacks/ reviews will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: help with software for my dad

    I don't know much about EHRs other than what you've mentioned and seeing some of it in action. The only brands I've seen so far are AllScripts and I believe Sunrise. I've tried Googling both and there is a ton of websites claiming to review these products, just not sure the reliable and trustworthy ones are. For example:

    If you're going to ask about building one, probably be best to either go with a pre-packaged software like the above two that you can deploy locally or as a SaaS. The complexities, time, and security to take into mind in developing your own might not be worth the effort without some decent funding, knowledge, skills, and a team.
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      Re: help with software for my dad

      What you are talking about are likely enterprise level software packages, specifically for the medical field. Get prepared to spend a lot of money. Rolling your own is not even a consideration when you consider the importance of security of patient records, laws governing that, HIPPA, etc.

      I am not familiar with those specific softwares, and I would imagine the only people who are, are in the medical software industry, which I'm thinking is probably pretty niche.

      At any rate, you need to plan on spending an appropriate amount of time (which I would imagine would be quite a lot, given what I imagine the costs are) doing research and finally selecting not only a software package, but also a support vendor, as those things go hand in hand.

      You should also consider looking into FOSS alternatives. There are some very capable FOSS equivalents to SAP and other ERP type softwares, I'm sure there is something out there for medical as well. You are still going to need to spend money on setup, support, and coding any customizations you need, but usually not on the licensing itself as with proprietary software (which is usually an arm and a leg). So you may come out ahead $ wise. And it's always better to support FOSS when possible.

      Circling back to service and support, keep in mind that when choosing a FOSS vendor, their entire business is to support you, they do not make any money on the software itself, and if they give you poor service you can choose another vendor familiar with that software. The software is open source, and your data will likely not be locked into the system should you need to change vendors or even change to another entire software package. With proprietary software, you will be locked in to whoever is the authorized service provider, if things don't go well you may be screwed and have few or no alternatives. That's part of how proprietary lock in works, it's good for their business model but not necessarily as good for you the end user(s). Also, be prepared to be screwed at every turn $ wise.

      I'm not sure how big this office is, but keep in mind training costs as well. Again, spend a lot of time up front doing your homework and looking at options, you don't want to make a mistake and have to switch systems at some point in the future and re-train the whole office all over again (especially if it's an office of any size).

      Best of luck!

      Come back later and share what you ended up learning. :)
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