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ATI CATALYST Control Center problem!

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  • ATI CATALYST Control Center problem!

    Hi, I've got this problem when ever I start windows up, an window pops up, that says: "You do not have permission to change CATALYST Control Conter settings. Please contact your administator for futher help" Ive tryed to reinstall/delete/install, nut, still does not work!
    If anybody knows some way I can fix this please let me know...

    Regards: The Colonel - and no, I'm not a real Colonel :( ..... yet

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    Re: ATI CATALYST Control Center problem!

    Try logging in as an administrator before trying to change your Catalyst control center settings.
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      Re: ATI CATALYST Control Center problem!

      But I do not what to change ATI CATALYST control center settnings!
      Its just irritating that this thing pops up everytime I start windows up!
      I actually have a program that can make this go away (This means that this problem won't pop up anymore) but Im worried that if I don't fix this problem, it might effect my graphics card in a way...
      I've tryed a few "RAPAIR" programs, and all of them found this porblem and fix it, but its keep pop'ing up, when I start my pc up, I've tryed to uninstall and reinstall but, does not work :( I've also checked my PC for spamware/spyware/viruses and so on, but did'nt solve anything... (If I don't find a solution sooner or later, well I might buy a new computer lol) Its not such a big problem, I only ask on the internet if someone knew something about this.


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        Re: ATI CATALYST Control Center problem!

        It sounds like something during bootup is trying to make a change to the control center, and the lack of admin priveleges is preventing the change.

        You have a couple of options.

        You can log in one time under an account with admin priveleges then log out and back in with your normal account. I would expect that would allow whatever change it is trying to make go through and then you can continue on, free to fulfill a life of spiritual fulfillment.

        You can also try disabling the ATI control center through the settings if you can figure out how to (the control center is not required for basic card functionality, generally only for making "tweaks" or changes to the setup).

        One more thing: you can get on ATI's website and search there knowledge base for this error. Surely you're not the first person to encounter it.




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