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  • Pc upgrade help

    So after having this pc for about 3-4 years I realized it needs an upgrade. I have never upgraded a pc before or built one so any help you guys can give me is always appreciated.

    I have used Specc to get the following information about my current system.

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    Re: Pc upgrade help

    My cpu is a amd phenom ii x6 1050t

    my ram is 8.00gb dual channel

    Motherboard ga 870a ud3

    graphics ati amd radeon r9 200 series


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      Re: Pc upgrade help

      Welcome to TG flash...

      check out

      Someone pointed me in that direction recently and I did a new build about a month ago. You can use the site to pick parts, compare prices and get up to speed on current technology. There are also build guides linked at the top. If you can hook up a stereo and speakers you have the necessary skill set to assemble the computer. it's all plug and play now.

      More TGers will see this thread soon but what people will want to know is how much is your budget, what kind of equipment will you be re using and what are you planning on replacing. For instance will you keep your current case or power supply or mouse or keyboard you have a copy of windows ready for install or do you need to purchase it? Things like that.

      I kept my case, my vid card and my power supply and purchased a new CPU/Motherboard/RAM combo with a new SSD hard drive. All this on Black Friday for about $500

      My new rig is

      Cooler Master Cosmos Case
      AS Rock Z97extreme 4 Mother Board
      I7 4790 CPU
      Corsair Dominator Ram 8Gbs
      Samsung EVO 850 SSD 250 GBS
      EVGA GTX 970
      Corsair HTX 750 Modular Power Supply

      That's a pretty screming Intel based rig. I've always been an intel guy and from what I understand though the price is higher for the Intel chips the performance is off the chart compared to the AMD chips. Not sure if that is really true. Some AMD guys might have an issue with that.

      I got great deals on the hardware because it was Black Friday. The CPU was about $200 and it retails typically for $300-$350. The Motherboard was $80 marked down from $120 and the SSD as only $60. RAM was about $70 as I recall. I had a copy of windows 7 pro I used for the new install.

      Good luck...
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