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    Hey I was wondering who has a good laptop that they game with. Not full time but for those long work days with nothing to do but game. This is not to replace my desktop, but rather a diversion while at work. I have looked at the Dell XPS, and Alienware. I also have looked at the HP Link

    This is not as powerfull as the XPS or Alienware, but is roughly 1000, to 700 dollars cheaper.

    Kind of looking for opinions or better yet actual usage of one of the above.

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    Re: Gaming laptop

    Well, as with anything gaming it depends on what you want to play and how much you're willing to pay. Processor Power, RAM, and GPU are still your prime considerations for games on a laptop, same as with a desktop. The other thing to look at is the LCD display. Some LCD's are too slow for FPS games, and will ghost something terrible. The only way you can avoid that is to actually play something on one somewhere (best buy comes to mind here) or to review specific models heavily. If you're not intending it to be your primary gaming machine, I would deffinantly try to save as much money as possible, because gaming laptops will cost you more than gaming desktops, and have more issues (particularily with heat).
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      Re: Gaming laptop

      That seems like a good deal. Since my main vid card went out a month or so ago, I've been playing on my Dell Inspiron 6000 (1.6 PM, 1 gig ram, ATI x300) on low settings and it plays fine. So that should definitely get the job done.


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        Re: Gaming laptop

        Try to get a Pentium M processor it gives you great battery life. However if battery life isn't important I definately recommend this model. But I believe the X600 mobility is just a 9600 Pro in terms of preformace.
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          Re: Gaming laptop

          I play with a hyprsonic-pc laptop
          reasons to buy:
          great customer service
          fully customizable
          cheaper than ailienware because they are not a big-name company
          same parts as any other high-end laptop
          looks like a toshiba

          I have one
          my specs:
          3.2 p4
          1 gig ram
          ati 9700 mobility pro
          sound blaster audigy 2
          7 in 1 meda port
          3-usb 2.0 ports
          17" screen
          full keyboard
          80 gig hd

          30-45 fps on CSS with max settings except 2x anti-aliasing, 2x anotropic filtering, and low reflections and shadows.


          Any other questions PM me I might forget to check this forum.




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