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  • Oculus Rift & Arma 3

    I'm sure many have seen that they are now taking pre-orders for the Oculus Rift. I'm very excited for the Rift but am hesitant to buy mainly because I'm worried about Arma 3 performance wise.

    The minimum requirements for the Rift are:
    NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
    Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
    8GB+ RAM
    Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output
    2x USB 3.0 ports
    Windows 7 SP1 or newer\

    I've heard of people with similar specs STILL have pretty low frames (in the 30-40FPS area) with similar builds.

    I've also seen articles saying that if your using the Rift your gunna want near 70+ FPS otherwise the stuttering is going to make a game unplayable and possibly make you sick. I pretty much only play Arma 3 at the moment so if I can't use the Rift w/Arma there really isnt any point of me getting it.

    Anyone with experience with the Rift SDK with Arma? Any ideas or input?


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    Re: Oculus Rift & Arma 3

    Well don't feel bad I guess. Even the players with the top notch hardware would do well to see 70FPS in the ARMA world. I'm running an I7 4790 at 4 + ghz and an overclocked GTX 970 plus 8 gigs of RAM. Last night in our Tac Tuesday session I was rocking between 15-30 fps fighting an MCC mission in Kavala. Lots of ai activity to be sure but thats not a unique situation to ARMA. The game is hardware intensive and always will be so I think if it were me and I only played ARMA I'm not sure I'd drop the $$$ on this fancy new technology. Wait for a year or two is my recomendation. IMHO you should pick up a Track IR in the interim to quell that desire for newer better different interaction and graphics.
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      Re: Oculus Rift & Arma 3

      Originally posted by Grunt 70 View Post
      ...IMHO you should pick up a Track IR in the interim to quell that desire for newer better different interaction and graphics.
      I would say the same thing as Grunt: Wait a bit on the Rift (for bugs and stuff to get worked out, a price drop, or maybe even a better product to come out). TrackIR is, I hear, great for ARMA.
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        Re: Oculus Rift & Arma 3

        I had a dk2. Don't expect current level game visuals on the rift initially. 90fps is recommended, and uneven frame rates are far worse in VR than they are in 2d. (or even 3d on a monitor). I also wouldn't expect to add support to an existing game and have it turn out well. VR is its own animal. You have to design around its specific limitations. Movement speed and things like head bob are a big deal. While a game 'like' arma III will be great, I don't think arma III will probably be it. That's probably a few years down the road yet, but who knows. Maybe they'll surprise me. I have a cv1 pre ordered. I'm getting it in June, so I'll have a bit to watch initial reviews before I have to make any final decisions. If you're on the fence, but in a pre-order. They don't charge until they ship. At least you'll have a place in line if you decide you want one instead of having to wait until fall or something.


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          Re: Oculus Rift & Arma 3

          Same story with a hack version of Squad running on a DK. Its hard enough to get Unreal 4 running on epic never mind adding in a rift to the mix. But hopefully, in the near future.....Man how awesome would it be in Squad, Warthunder and ArmA. I could ditch my old TraackIR!




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